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So the upside to being miserable for the whole week is that I got a lot of reading done. No writing or knitting or anything, but tons of reading. So there's that.

I'm recuperating, albeit slowly. Today I feel rather as though my oral surgeon punched me in the jaw a few hundred times, but since that's better than the sensation of someone jackhammering my gumline, I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. So to speak.

I started bruising yesterday. The swelling is mostly gone, but the bruising is totally more noticeable, thus making my week-long discomfort more obvious. It's a little satisfying, actually. I've been paranoid that my mother (I've been staying with her since after the surgery, mostly because my recovery period has mostly consisted of me being too groggy and drugged up to do anything for myself until today) thinks I'm making it all up, but the bruising is totally proof that I'm not. Well, that and the fact that until this morning I couldn't really open my mouth wide enough to successfully use utensils. There's that, too.

Anyway. I'm going home tomorrow. I managed to go the whole day without falling asleep in the recliner I have taken over as my own (it's the little things, guys), and anyway I kind of scheduled a guy to come out and do a property inspection tomorrow morning, so I have to be there anyway. (I scheduled it two weeks ago assuming I'd be better and back to my normal life by Wednesday, at the very latest, and now regret not postponing said inspection at least another week, but c'est la vie. While I could probably use another day of recuperation, I think I'll manage on my own. Because I'm a fucking adult.)

...I forgot where I was going with this. So, yes. I get my stitches out on Monday (yay!), so until then just have to practice opening my mouth like a real person. Y'know, so the surgeon doesn't have to cut my mouth open like the Black Dahlia/Heath Ledger's Joker/insert-your-own-cultural-reference-here in order to inspect my gums and remove those annoying little black stitches that confuse me into thinking I perpetually have food stuck behind my teeth.

Seriously. It's annoying.

...the end.


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