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A list of things, because I'm too tired to put things into proper paragraphs and attempt at transitions.

1. My next-door neighbors are fighting. I know this because I can hear them through the shared wall. I'm not trying to eavesdrop, but, uh, oh well?

2. Tried to install (a borrowed copy of) Fallout 3 today and failed. Several times, in fact. For some reason the install keeps getting hung up and bottoming out. Alas. I will never get to play Fallout. I will have to appease myself with other flights of fancies.

3. I haven't written anything -- anything, guys -- aside from marketing copy at work in weeeeeeks. It's really sad. The muse is leaving me high and dry, and I've been trying to devote more time into editing the Novel From Hell and less into writing, and apparently that's come back to bite me on the ass. So that's fun.

4. Gave my cats catnip for the first time earlier this week. Cat 1 was all "Yeah, whatever. This is lame". He's used to harder drugs, you see. Cat 2 got very wide-eyed (this is more impressive if you know that he is already naturally quite wide-eyed) and then tried to climb up the walls. This was hilarious until a curtain fell on him. :X He was fine, for the record, and spent the rest of the night trying to get Cat 1 to play with him.

5. Today I re-grouted my shower. Woot! It looks pretty good, if I do so say so myself, but I was kind of lazy about cleaning up the grout haze, so I'm going to have to get a cheesecloth rag and work at that later. (I was informed the other day that when you start enjoying trips to the hardware/home improvement stores, that's when you have to go bury all your childhood dreams in the backyard. Haha. Oops. I've always enjoyed those trips. What does this say about me?)

6. We went through a derecho about a month ago, and I can't remember if I wrote about it or not (I don't think I did). The winds were so high that my house was trembling and my bed actually shook with every wind gust. And my front living room window leaked. Scary (and annoying). And then I lost power for four days. Yay! Now I'm traumatized by thunderstorms and hide under blankets (or turn the TV up real loud) when the thunder starts. It's ridiculous. Hopefully it will stop soon, because thunderstorms are really cool normally and eff you, weather.

7. I managed to injure myself three times today while doing very mundane things. I mauled my finger while trying to pull up the stuck zipper on a dress. I cut the palm of my hand while slicing a tomato (seriously?). And I bonked my head against the bottom of the sink while refilling an air freshener in the bathroom. My hands are all sliced up and the side of my head is bruised. I gave up doing things after that and tried to play video games (see Item 2, above), then gave up on that and managed to stub my toe against the side of the refrigerator. 9_9 I swear, I am not usually this accident prone, and at this point I'm amazed I didn't drown while re-grouting the shower.

8. Got a book from the library and it is SO BORING but I feel like I have to read the whole stupid thing because I've been a little neurotic lately and ugh. A coworker nearly spilled coffee on me yesterday when I stopped very suddenly to rearrange an entire bookshelf by specialty and then by author, title, and edition. Because that was clearly a great use of my time.

The end.


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