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So I'm in La Jolla, California for work right now, and tonight I went to dinner in downtown La Jolla with a coworker. We caught a cab there, walked around a while, had dinner, and got a cab back. Pretty normal, right? It was, mostly -- the cabbie asked us where we were from and if we'd heard of this exotic thing called 'snow' and was generally just joking around with us. And then something strange happened.

He asked, "So, have you ever heard of the show Cash Cab?"

We answered in the affirmative, and he flashed the overhead lights and said "Great, because you're in one."

We didn't believe him at first, and we laughed. And then, when he didn't laugh with us, I chimed in with, "Wait, are you serious?"

Yeah, he was totally serious.

We spent a fifteen minute drive trying to answer questions that we should have known the answers to (some of them I did know and the answer was on the tip of my tongue and I just kept drawing blanks. I'd say stuff like "I know she was in the Clinton administration... And it starts with an 'M'..." and he'd confirm I was right, but we'd pretty much have to give up because we couldn't remember in a reasonable amount of time). So out of four (maybe five?) questions, we answered one correctly, and the last one we started to answer but arrived at our destination and had to cut the game short. (Which is too bad, because we knew that one.)

It was incredibly surreal. But yeah, I was in a cash cab this evening, and I felt like the dumbest person on the planet. So that happened.
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