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How this works: You comment, I give you an age and you fill out the meme questions with what applied to you back then, and now.

[personal profile] lawless523 gave me 18.


Age: 18

I lived in: My college dormitory. The freshmen dorm, actually, in a room I shared with a roommate with whom I did not get along at all. I spent most of my time over in [profile] domacatrix's room and only went back to mine to sleep and switch out my textbooks.

I drove: When I was at my parents' house, I drove... I don't remember what year it was, but a Toyota Camry. It was a frustrating car because (1) the radio didn't work and (2) occasionally a wire or something would come loose from the battery and I wouldn't be able to start the car without a jump. It was really annoying.

I was in a relationship with: No one. My high school boyfriend and I broke up early that fall, while I was still 17. I was not exactly devastated (I don't connect well with people emotionally, at least not at a romantic level. This is why I am perpetually single).

I feared: What other people had to say about me. I was extremely self-conscious. I wanted everyone to like me and I hated that maybe they wouldn't. I got over it. Now I don't care what people think of me because, y'know, I'm not trying to make anybody else like me at the expense of my own happiness.

I worked at: I think... the children's bookstore? That was probably still just a seasonal job, then, though; I don't think I'd started on their website stuff yet. I got a job on campus as a writing tutor in the fall semester, too.

I wanted to be: Probably a writer. And probably famous. There was a while where I was convinced I could become both, and maybe teach at a university on the side. Because, y'know, the money wouldn't matter at all because I'd be famous.


Age: 27

I live in: "Half a house", as [personal profile] lawless523 would put it, but actually an end-unit row-home in Baltimore City.

I drive: A 2001 Toyota Avalon.

I am in a relationship with: No one. Reference above my inability to emotionally connect with people.

I fear: Snakes. Those things are terrifying, man. Also that Gus-cat might have another seizure (we're in the process of weaning him off his epilepsy medication, which is very exciting but very slow) and have to go back on his full dosage. Also that my house won't sell, when I do finally put it back on the market. Whenever that might be.

I work at: A medical publisher.

I want to be: You know what? I'd still like to be a writer. I can live without being famous, and definitely have no interest in teaching anymore. But the writing bit is still true.


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