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The weather cooperated today, so I made fudge. I made a double-batch of maple and a batch of butterscotch (and no peanut butter, because I rather like [livejournal.com profile] kloos411 and would like her to stick around for a while). Tomorrow, after the flute choir concert, I'll make my nonpareil cookies and more of the pecan turtles, and maybe some almond brittle. After work on Monday, I'll make almond brittle (if I didn't make it the day before) and toffee, and that should be all my Christmas baking. Then it's just a matter of packaging it all up and distributing it as appropriate.


The lights in my bedroom still don't work. ^^ I changed the bulbs (and broke one of the three in the process -- scary!) and checked the fuses (three times, even though everything else in the room is working just fine), but in the end had to leave a message on my landlord's machine. Ah, well. I can get by without lights, so it's really not a big deal. Nonetheless, I'll be glad when the lights work again. It's a nice luxury.

Ugh. What am I forgetting? Cripes.
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I can has heat? I can has! Squee.

Mister Landlord is the best landlord evar!
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It's thirty-something degrees outside and the heat in my apartment isn't working. Brrrr.

I hope the fishie will be okay. And/or that Mister Landlord can work that out for us relatively quickly. Because brrrrr.

edit: [livejournal.com profile] imayb1, those socks you made me last year? They're so awesome at night. And in the wee hours of the morning. Thank you. So, so, so much.
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None: You could easily get away with murder. You have the cold and calculating logic of a sociopath. For all our sakes, go hug someone.
from QuizGalaxy.com

I think I spent far too much time this summer watching CSI reruns. Um. (That and half the answers for various questions -- such as method of murder and disposal of the body -- sort of grossed me out. I couldn't do half of those things. Ew. So I picked the answers that didn't yick me out, and apparently that makes me a sociopath. Bwahahaha.) Don't worry, everyone. You're safe for now.

[livejournal.com profile] kloos411 is A+. She did some research and called around yesterday and set up a time slot on Saturday afternoon (1-4) during which we're going to have our cable and internet set up. So that's exciting. Not because I'm 'net deprived (noooo, me?), but I do like having AIM and such readily available while I'm trying not to do anything. That, and I sorta-kinda neglected to upload the Junior Editions website last month, so that need sto be done. Whoops.

I'm also apparently going to be re-joining Facebook. Just about all the other EAs here at work have it, and lots of my high school friends had it before I quit (and I assume they still do), and then there's a score or two of college friends with whom I'd love to get back into contact... I think I originally quit because it was creeping me out (and because I didn't like the idea of everyone in the world being able to see everything I posted/did on the site), but apparently there are privacy settings now...? Meh. I'll look into it.

I am going to commission [livejournal.com profile] domacatrix to make me a new lj layout, I think, because her design skills are superb and I quite frankly don't want to do it myself. So, Joan! Still up for the task? ^_~ We can discuss this later on, of course.
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Hm. Good morningafternoon, Wednesday. Thank you for not raining on me. <3 (Shut up, this is a valid concern. I don't care that the weather report says it'll be sunny all week -- until Monday. Hm. I should figure out how that's going to work, I guess.)

I still have no internet at the apartment, but other than that I'm officially moved in! Almost all of my stuff is unpacked, I have furniture, and Kelsi and I have made a trip to the grocery store (that was last week, mind). So what does that leave? A house party, obviously.

Ugh; there is far too much for me to do today at work, but I'm sort of tired of being productive (in case you hadn't noticed). I'm thinking I've had enough of LWW for the day, and may head out early(!). I don't know what I'd do with myself if I did leave early, but I'm sure I could think of something...

I don't mean to complain, mind. I love my job, but sometimes I'd rather sit back and be a slacker. Today just so happens to be one of those times.

Also, I miss college, but I think that's because I had the Avenue Q soundtrack playing on loop yesterday; it tends to make me strangely nostalgic.
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You know what my life needs? More caffeine preferably of the nonexistant variety that isn't addictive or bad for you. Also, an internet connection at my apartment. Not having it? Yeah, it's pretty lame. I can live without it of course (especially since I get online at work every day anyway -- that helps), but it would really come in handy for some things. Like checking Craigslist for a couch. Or looking up real news.

Oh, that's the other thing I've discovered. The TV K. and I have set up in the middle of the living room gets four or five channels, which isn't bad. Only one of them is in Spanish, which is even better. But the only news program that comes in clearly? I can't stand it. My station of choice (WBAL) doesn't come in at all. I also get three versions of ESPN, and USA. (So, wait, six channels? Argh. I can't count.)


Several days ago, when K. and I walked down to the grocery store, we passed a spot on the street that had a bunch of boxes (books, VHS-tapes, that sort of thing) and some computer monitors sitting out. Jokingly, K. remarked that it was too bad there wasn't a "free stuff" sign next to it, as she would hit it up. On our way back from the grocery store, we saw the spot again, this time with a "free stuff!" sign. So we inspected. There were three chairs(!) sitting out, and since we were in dire need of seating, we dropped off our groceries and rushed back to grab the chairs. We arranged them beautifully in the kitchen and living room, and now have great conversation pieces. ^_~

Speaking of furniture, [livejournal.com profile] thstlenshmrock, who is clearly one of the most awesome people alive, volunteered to drive with me to White Marsh yesterday so I could take a look at a table and chair set that had been posted on Craigslist. And, because there was a chance I might want to cash-and-carry right away, she volunteered her station wagon. And drove it. And helped me cart the chairs and table into the back. And helped me lug it all back into the apartment (although one of my neighbors stopped to help out with that, too; I love my neighborhood). And helped me eat cookies. And then sat around for two hours just to chat. She is quite obviously made of awesome. Made of it.

Today is a day-before-a-holiday-weekend, which means two things. One, there will be (and is) no one at work today. Two, those of us who are at work today will be leaving by three o'clock. Two o'clock, if we can convince other people that that's a good idea. Personally, I think we can do it. No problem. ^_~ And then I'm heading to my parents' house so I can relax, pack up the things I neglected to take to the apartment last time, and have readily available internet access for a few days. Holidays rock.
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I moved last night. ^^ Virtually all of my things -- except my computer, fish, plants, and little things that I didn't want to have to deal with yesterday or didn't know where I'd put once I got there -- are in the apartment, and some of it is even unpacked -- ohmy! I'm waiting to unpack all of my books and such until I know where I'm putting my bookshelf (which depends on where I put my dresser and desk, when I wind up getting them) so my room is still a mess, but things are looking up. There are clothes and stuff in the closet, the cleaning supplies are mostly away, and I've been assured that the slob-feeling will pass.


Anyway, K. and I can hijack someone's wireless network if we set up shop in the corner of the living room, but since I don't have my computer (and don't feel like lugging a desktop across the building every time I get online), chances are I won't be on as often as usual. Internet may be temporarily restricted to work hours -- which really just means lots of email, little to no IMing. I can live with that for while. ^^

K.'s kitten is such a spaz, and he's wonderful. He's turned everything I own into his toy collection (which I'm fine with) and is awfully easy to entertain. Considering how thrilled I am just to watch him, I guess I am as well.

...anyway, back to work. I've got a good bit to do before I leave today, and I have a lunch "meeting" that's going to eat up a bit of the afternoon. Ta!
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kjogijoijlskdjlkjlkjlkjgoiejokjdsSTARDUST. Robert DeNiro as Captain Shakespeare? Just... ACK. I mean... He... And his first mate (haha) and the rest of his crew, and Tristan...! (Charlie Cox made for some great eye candy. Especially with the long hair. Cripes. He's my new semi-celebrity crush, for now. Until I forget his name. *heart*) And the sword scene with Septimus and Tristan? I wish I could have choreographed that. Amazing.

Yeah, I'm completely going to see it again. The movie was a lot different from the book (except in some ways -- the basic plot and characters, for instance), but it was great in its own way. I enjoyed it. So. [livejournal.com profile] domacatrix? [livejournal.com profile] pereppi? When would you two be up for seeing a movie? >D

I thought I'd never get anything accomplished at work today. I couldn't focus on much of anything, and my head was all over the place... I did get a few things done, though, and that's good. I still have a lot of catching up to do from last week's vacation, but I'm getting there.

The move is going... Well, it's going. I've been moving a little bit at a time, and got around to meeting one of my upstairs neighbors today when I was surprised by her dogs -- who are adorable, but a little nosy. Said neighbor -- I'll call her R. -- told me a few horror stories about what's going on with the apartment (one of the previous residents fired the landscaper, for instance, so the garden has sort of gone to rot -- literally -- and it's attracting rodents; she has been talking with the landlord about that, though, and things are being done) and agreed to answer a question about parking for me. It's possible I've been using someone else's spot -- oops. I don't think said person knows I've been using it (since I only go to the apartment for an hour or so at a time), but I don't want to move in and then discover that I've been hijacking someone's spot. If she sees the person it might belong to, she's going to ask if it's all right if I use it. If he/she says it's cool, I'll keep on parking. If it's not, then I'll just have to do something else. Like park in the street. Which wouldn't be so bad; I've been spoiled by living in rural-suburbia, but I wouldn't mind parking on the street. I don't think.

Anyway. More moving tomorrow, and I'm going to my aunt's house for a family get-together, which should be fun. I think most of my moving is going to happen on Sunday (I might be buying a bed off Craigslist -- how skeevy is that?), so that'll be fun. I might be actually living in the apartment by the end of the weekend!

...I should probably talk to Kelsi regarding cable/internet/etcetera. I don't know if we need to set that up or what. Maybe she knows. Hm. (Kelsi, if you're reading this...? If we haven't called anyone but need to, I'm willing to take care of that since you did the majority of the actually-finding-and-securing-an-apartment stuff. We'd just have to find/pick a provider and I can take over from there. Let me know.)

So tired. I've been sleeping badly ever since I got back from North Carolina. I'll have to work on that.

Moving up.

Aug. 9th, 2007 02:26 pm
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So after weeks of her doing all the work while I sat back and watched, [livejournal.com profile] kloos411 and I have found a place to live! We signed the rental agreement today, and might even be able to start moving in two weeks from now (i.e., as soon as the current resident moves out... and I get back from vacation. Not that Kelsi has to wait on me to start moving in. But yeah, what?).

It's exciting, but I'm nervous about it too -- which I figure is understandable. While I'm looking forward to it, I recognize that it's not like going away for college: it's leaving the nest and joining the real world. So yeah.

Since I won't be here at all next week, I really should get back to work (so I don't have to do all of this tomorrow). Mm. Sorry for the short-and-spammy updates as of late, everyone. I'll try to do better in the future.

...the emo fish probably shouldn't be made of chocolate. Although I think that's actually why Joan, Lauren, and I decided it was emo. If I was a chocolate fish, I'd be rather distraught, wouldn't you?

...I miss Joan and Lauren. T_T
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I have my own hazmat suit, and somehow the thrill factor of that doesn't lessen no matter how many times I say it... which is a good thing. I'm pro-hazmat suit. I can use it to go grocery shopping, clean the bathroom, and organize my youngest brother's room!

...well, maybe not the last one. I'm not sure even a hazmat suit would be up for that.

Thursday and Friday of this past week were spent remembering my cousin. The viewing was really hard (and it probably didn't help that I was there for five-plus hours). Apparently his face was all bruised from the accident, so they literally had to cake the makeup on... It looked very fake, and that was very upsetting. It was also hard to see his parents and siblings; they're being very strong about it (or they appeared to be), and I'm just amazed by what they're going through. I'm not sure I could ever do it.

I'm meeting [livejournal.com profile] kloos411 in Baltimore today to go look at another potential places, so that's exciting. We've pretty much filled up this week's schedule with apartment-viewings. That being said, I should really finish getting dressed. Er. I was hoping my hair would dry before I had to leave, but that doesn't seem to be happening, so... Yes.

The youngest of my younger brothers is in Tennessee this weekend. One of his best friends moved there a year or so ago, so it's great that he gets to see him, but since it's such a long trip (at least eight hours) I think all of us -- by which I mean my parents and me -- were sort of biting our nails until we'd heard he'd arrived safely. It's kind of freaky, letting your seventeen year-old brother drive that far away. But he got there and that's what matters, so yes.

I uploaded all my pictures and such from Otakon and then realized I had to resize them. Dur. Um. I'll take care of that later today, perhaps, and then I will post them and my con-report will be mostly complete. Woo!

To close, I found this nifty tool over on [livejournal.com profile] yellowhorde's journal. My home address doesn't even register, so I'm guessing it thinks I live in bumfuck nowhere, but it's still fun to put addresses in and see what pop up.
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[livejournal.com profile] kloos411 and I went to look at an apartment this afternoon during our lunch break. Read all about it... )

Long story short, we'll see. We're planning to look at several other places as well, of course, and will have to take everything in stride.

Other than that? Um. Let's see. I'm looking forward to Otakon next week, especially because I'll be seeing Sam, Steve, and Jenny~! Also, I will be meeting [livejournal.com profile] photoash, who has ingratiated herself to me and thus been granted special sleeping privileges. Also, Maki Murakami will be there, and while I'm not certain I actually want to join the throng of screaming fangirl I do think it would be interesting to see. That's something I'm debating, so we'll see how that goes.

I have soup. Yum, soup.

Oh! The office smelled disgusting today. It seems to be better now, although that could be either because (a) I got used to it or (b) whatever was wrong was fixed in my absence. Either way, huzzah.


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