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Hullo, everyone!

First off, I will pimp. My dear friend [livejournal.com profile] lunamadison has created a webcomic entitled No Elves Allowed, which is based off her DnD group, is (so far) very funny, and is made by the wonderful Gwyn herself, so we must love it as if it were our own. (I'm the default biggest fan!) Go check it out.

Next up, my weekend.


Chilled in the room. The end.


Did band stuff. Had lunch/dinner at Wendy's with Kunkle's money. Was much fun. Watched Frostburg lose to Salisbury (30-24), but enjoyed myself. Free cookies and cupcakes. Went home with the 'rents. Bothered the brat. Watched FMA (squee!) and realized that Envy has no gender whatsoever, voice wise. Creepy. Discovered that the parents bought TiVo, which saddened me momentarily but, in the end, made me happy.


Returned to FSU. Caught up on my NaNoWriMo word count (at last! If you remember, I started almost a week late) and proceeded to watch movies with Joan and Lauren. The end.

That's really it. ^^ I'm so very boring. My apologies.
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Ugh. The more I go up to the band field, the less I want to get out of the car. >_<

Band camp is still My Life right now, despite the fact that I resent it more and more every day. Um. I'm meeting a lot of new people every day, which is cool. (One of the freshmen is hitting on me. Sort of. It's not really 'hitting on' anymore. It's more 'he's asked me out several times', to be honest.) Oh. And I'm sunburnt a little bit -- mostly on my shoulders, because I was stupid and (1) decided not to wear sleeves and (2) figured I could screen up my own shoulders. Apparently I can't and will, in the future, have to ask that someone do them for me along with my neck (which has also burnt, although I did have Annie lather me up today). I'm such a useless person.

I'm cold. It's sixty-four degrees outside (amazing, really, but I'm not complaining), and, figuring it would be warmer when I got back this evening, I've had the air conditioning on since noon. Brrrr.

I went to dinner with ten other people (Greg, Annie, Jenn, Adrienne, Kyle, Justin, Danielle, Brittney, Chris, and Ashley) today over at D'Atri's, the sub shop. Yum. I ordered a buffalo chicken sub and thoroughly enjoyed it; it's been a very long time since I had that sort of thing. It was a little much, but I ate most of it. It made me feel fat, but in a good way -- anyway, I'm sure I'm working it off with all this stupid band stuff. Argh.

I'm still very behind in my band music. I'll have to work on that sometime very soon.

I'm more-or-less in charge of uniforms this year and we took measurements of everyone this evening. Quite a few of the guys have bigger chests than I do, and that's kind of scary. Nothing new, I'm sure, but still. (In all fairness, my waist and such is usually smaller than their's, too, so I win. Nyah-nyah.)

Zapenath-Paneah (the fish) is very cold. Poor thing.

Um. I have pretty much nothing else to talk about. How sad is that?

Very. I know.


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