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Someone left free-for-all honey in our break room at work, which is fabulous because I love honey in my tea and zomg honey. It is also good because I think I'm coming down with my annual cold (I get maybe one or two a year, so I guess I can't really complain) and tea with honey totally makes that better. Because, um, zomg honey is magic.

I wish there was a honey produced under the brand 'zomg'. I would buy that and keep it in my purse for all sorts of nefarious deeds. But mostly to put in my tea.

(Moral of the story: I like honey.)

Today is Friday, and for me it is a half-day Friday -- in part because I have worked SO VERY HARD this month to-date and in part because my car just got summoned for a safety recall, so I'm taking it to the dealership to get that fixed up (apparently I need that part to, y'know, steer my car, and it would be a very bad thing if it broke). Darling coworker/friend A is accompanying me and helping me kill some time between when I drop off my car and when I pick it up, so I'm expecting a fabulous afternoon. And also a very busy weekend, because Sunday is pretty literally the last mostly-free day I have between now and November 28. You suck, schedule.

Speaking of time management, I haven't put up a to-do list in a while. So... I guess it's time to break that streak. Aren't you lucky?

This weekend, I will... )
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Lots of cuts in this entry, just so it won't be a million years long. Because I care.

Stuff about my car. )

Stuff about the coffee shop. )

Stuff about my script. )

Stuff about my other writing projects. )

Stuff about baking. )

Right, that's all from me. I promise to stop posting about nothing for now. Maybe I'll do some thinking and post a writing meme or something in my next entry (because that worked so well last time...).
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I saw these shoes while I was shopping with a friend two weeks ago, but the pair they had there was a size five (...and it wasn't a pair; they only had the one shoe). Now that I've found them online, I sort of want them. Then again, I'm also very hesitant to buy shoes online -- if they suck, after all, I'm sort of screwed. Ugh.

My car has returned! We picked it up from the shop on Tuesday, so it's back in my possession and working fine. All of my electronic settings (the seat, radio, clock, etcetera) were messed up, but those didn't take long to fix and, really, those are only minor things. I am out a few hundred dollars, though, so boo. It's nice to have my car back, though.

Otakon is this weekend! The con officially opens tomorrow at nine am, but I won't be there until after work (so four or five-ish, most likely), and continues through Sunday. It'll be good times~ Today I'll be meeting [livejournal.com profile] vetes3 and [livejournal.com profile] vetesgirl et al so we can pick up our registration... and so I can see them. ^_^ We have a lot of catching up to do! It's been a year since I saw them last!

Also, I will be taking [livejournal.com profile] tir_synni home with me. She doesn't have a choice in the matter, but considering she asked me about it before I threatened to kidnap her, I don't think she'll mind. I'll also be hijacking [livejournal.com profile] pereppi at some point, because it's easier for all of us if I can save us all a stop on the way to Baltimore, and [livejournal.com profile] photoash volunteered for being hijacked on Saturday. Yikes. I'm turning into a hijacking fiend.

I'm also stuck in the phone meeting that never ends. UGH. I need to get myself some coffee. (And considering that I only have to be around to listen to the bits near the end, I could probably do that. *ponderponder*)
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I would like to start off my post by saying this: I'm fine. I have a headache and I'm tired, but I'm fine. So please don't worry.

Yes, I will explain. But first, my weekend~!

I left work late on Friday, because I do that sort of thing (and I wanted to finish one last project before I headed out -- and I did!), so I spent the rest of that night relaxing and playing video games. You know, as I do. Saturday, I went over to Laura's place for a pool party pot luck adventure thing, and then we (Laura, Becca, and myself) headed over to the theatre to see Ratatouille, which I actually liked very much and would be more than happy to see again (Lauren). Yesterday, we (Laura, Becca, Brenna, and myself) drove up to Annapolis to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] pereppi, Ms. Donna, Amanda, and an assortment of other people because [livejournal.com profile] domacatrix's boy's band was playing. It was great, and I got to see Sarah~! And we had fun. Um. I did some nasty shots, but put some cheap gas in my car on the way back. Yay~

Anyway, that was my weekend. Today I headed out to work (per usual) and took the usual way. While on Rte. 29 on my way to 100, I was involved in a vehicle collision (hur). Basically, there was a line of cars ahead of me (about seven or eight, I think?) and the guy in front put on his brakes very suddenly, the guy behind him put on his brakes very suddenly, and so forth down the line... until it got to me and I did not manage to put on my brakes very suddenly (or, rather, as suddenly as I should have). No one was hurt, although my car is a little worse for wear, and I managed to get to work (five hours later *facepalm*). I had the car towed to the autoshop, although I don't know if my insurance people will let me keep it there, and the mechanic estimated it would cost well over $4,000.00 to fix the front-end damage. So yes, I'm cringing up a storm... but it could definitely been worse. So I'm glad for that.

Now I have to figure out how to pay for everything (I have the money but don't want to use it... so lame) and how I'm going to make up the five hours of work I missed this morning. *cringe*

Whatever. I have the day off tomorrow (spa day!) and will take that time to relax and recover from this horrible, horrible morning.

Ugh. I wish my head would stop hurting.
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Got off work today (later than I wanted, but it's a good thing I stayed a little late -- there was a last-minute "crisis" for me to deal with. Royalty payments need to stop being so punctual, dammit!) and headed to Joan's, braving the traffic and rain to get there~ Along the way, my car started to shake. In a bad, nonsexual way. (Although given that it's a car, a sexual way would be equally frightening.) This was the third or fourth time it had done such a thing since either yesterday or this morning (I'm tired and can't remember exactly; I think it was yesterday) for apparently no reason at all. Slightly worried about this new development, I called home and had my parents talk to our mechanic.

I called a mechanic for my car after two days of acting up. I've been having headaches for over a year and have yet to call a doctor for myself. Haha, priorities...

Anyway. The 'rents and I conversed even as I pulled into Joan's suburban paradise, and I was still on the phone with them when I knocked on the door and was allowed inside. It was a long ordeal in which Leroy (our mechanic) could take the car tomorrow, but I'd have to drop it off tonight or tomorrow morning and blah blah blah. I made arrangements with the folks: they would go to the shop earlier this evening in two cars and drop off one of said cars, leaving the key somewhere for me (like a scavenger hunt!), and then, after my fun with Joan, I'd drive to the shop and swap cars, leaving my key behind in the night-drop. Rawk.

Had a great time with Joan~ She made a delightful chicken dish, we went grocery shopping for some pie ingredients, and then she forced encouraged my to watch the Black Donnelly's, which was pretty good in that "...I kind of predicted that would happen" sort of way. (Or maybe I just need to stop analyzing everything I watch. I'd probably enjoy more stuff that way.) Anyway, then we made a pie. Or we made the pie and then watched the show. That sounds right. Um. Then we killed time while the pie cooled, and then we launched ourselves into sugar comas with pie while we watched Iron Chef America.

I don't understand the appeal of the Food Network. I can see how it would be occasionally interesting, but a lot of it just makes me nauseous. Ah, well. ^^

Anyway. After ICA, I drove to the mechanic and made the car swap (braving rain and fog -- grr on fog! -- and then parking my car at a rather catawampus angle) and returned home, only to belatedly realized I'd left my GPS in my car. Whoops. I guess I won't be going anywhere new and exciting until I get my car back. ^^ Or until I figure out how to make Mapquest my bitch. We'll see how that goes.

I'm tired, cold, and a little irritable. The drive home was rough, and I started wangsting over my all-too-recently deceased kitten (I know it's been almost two months now. Shut up. It still hurts, and yes, I still cry over it. A lot), and now I want to crawl into bed and sleep for a million and a half hours. Instead, I will shower and do all that fun stuff, then crawl into bed for six hours before I take someone's car -- not mine. I should probably find out whose car I'm taking -- to work.



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