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Apr. 25th, 2009 11:15 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] photoash has taken it upon herself to check me for skin cancer.

I'm probably going to die tomorrow, by her reckoning. Farewell, dear world! I'll miss you horribly.
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I have my own hazmat suit, and somehow the thrill factor of that doesn't lessen no matter how many times I say it... which is a good thing. I'm pro-hazmat suit. I can use it to go grocery shopping, clean the bathroom, and organize my youngest brother's room!

...well, maybe not the last one. I'm not sure even a hazmat suit would be up for that.

Thursday and Friday of this past week were spent remembering my cousin. The viewing was really hard (and it probably didn't help that I was there for five-plus hours). Apparently his face was all bruised from the accident, so they literally had to cake the makeup on... It looked very fake, and that was very upsetting. It was also hard to see his parents and siblings; they're being very strong about it (or they appeared to be), and I'm just amazed by what they're going through. I'm not sure I could ever do it.

I'm meeting [livejournal.com profile] kloos411 in Baltimore today to go look at another potential places, so that's exciting. We've pretty much filled up this week's schedule with apartment-viewings. That being said, I should really finish getting dressed. Er. I was hoping my hair would dry before I had to leave, but that doesn't seem to be happening, so... Yes.

The youngest of my younger brothers is in Tennessee this weekend. One of his best friends moved there a year or so ago, so it's great that he gets to see him, but since it's such a long trip (at least eight hours) I think all of us -- by which I mean my parents and me -- were sort of biting our nails until we'd heard he'd arrived safely. It's kind of freaky, letting your seventeen year-old brother drive that far away. But he got there and that's what matters, so yes.

I uploaded all my pictures and such from Otakon and then realized I had to resize them. Dur. Um. I'll take care of that later today, perhaps, and then I will post them and my con-report will be mostly complete. Woo!

To close, I found this nifty tool over on [livejournal.com profile] yellowhorde's journal. My home address doesn't even register, so I'm guessing it thinks I live in bumfuck nowhere, but it's still fun to put addresses in and see what pop up.
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Good first, because I'm like that. To start, Otakon was a blast!

Friday at Otakon (autographs and AMVs) )

Saturday (Maki Murakami, Dealers Room, the Alley, Hooters, Karin, and Kashi Mashi) )

Sunday at Otakon (MAKI MURAKAMI'S AUTOGRAPH OMG, Dealer's Room) )

Anyway, I left Otakon early. I was supposed to see the new Harry Potter movie with the rest of my family (it's some sort of tradition with us), and I was running late. I called the 'rents to let them know, they told me it was fine, and I headed home.

About twenty minutes after I called, my aunt called the house. Turns out my cousin (her youngest son) was killed in a car accident. He was twenty (my brother's age). Right now that's all I know (his mother was on her way back from New York, and had only received the alert from the police a little while before), but yeah. Jebus. I walked into my house, sat down, and was told there was bad news.

Needless to say, Harry Potter was then out of the question.

So that's my bad news. I didn't know this cousin all that well. He and my brother used to be best friends growing up, but they grew apart several years ago and, after that, I only saw him two or three times a year, if that. Still, he was my cousin (my younger cousin), and... Well, I'll miss him. I'm not sure the news has really sunk in yet. So. Um. Yeah.

Ficcage, pictures, and autograph scans to follow at some point. We're having family moments.

The second part of my Otakon report (with pictures) is here.

RIP Zap.

Apr. 20th, 2007 11:09 pm
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Zapenath Paneah (Zap)
July 1, 2004-April 20, 2007
A fish of many colours. Gone but never forgotten.

This is apparently not a good year for my pets. In Zap's defense, however, he was very old. And very sick -- he's had what's looked to be the onset of dropsy for months now (although he only started pine-coning this week). Poor fishie.
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It's weird how easy it is to forget all the things I want to remember. Sounds. Smells. All the things that make memories.

My car is fine. Turned out the tires were off balance -- severely off balance -- and still are, but they should correct themselves over time. The bill wound up costing me a little over a hundred dollars -- yikes. Could have been worse, though, so yeah.

Babysat last night. It was less fun than I'd have liked, but that happens.

Zap (one of my betta fish) is bloated. He has been for over a week now. This concerns me a little, but I'm trying not to let it. He's old, for a fish, and I'm not sure what I can do anyway. He's not constipated (which was my first thought), because it has been over a week, and because none of the laxative tricks (the pea one is gross, FYI) worked. I don't think it's dropsy either, though, because the pinecone effect has yet to set in. I've never had a fish with dropsy before, though, so I really don't know.

I plan to ask around on a fish forum and see if they know what might be going on, or if there's anything I can do. I'm not trying to get my hopes up, but it would be nice if, you know, he didn't die. Because I'm kind of attached to him.

Kaylee (the other of my fish) seems to be just fine, on the other hand. I'm hoping she stays that way.

It's been a long sort of day (not that I've really done much). I should probably go to bed.

Ah, I keep forgetting. I posted a Gravitation fanfic (because I'm a dork and the dorkdom simply doesn't quit) the other day. It's called Sure Things (rated G), and it deals with some Eiri and Tohma interaction. You know, the good stuff. But be warned: too much blond in one fic may cause implosion of the brain. In a good way.
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Got off work today (later than I wanted, but it's a good thing I stayed a little late -- there was a last-minute "crisis" for me to deal with. Royalty payments need to stop being so punctual, dammit!) and headed to Joan's, braving the traffic and rain to get there~ Along the way, my car started to shake. In a bad, nonsexual way. (Although given that it's a car, a sexual way would be equally frightening.) This was the third or fourth time it had done such a thing since either yesterday or this morning (I'm tired and can't remember exactly; I think it was yesterday) for apparently no reason at all. Slightly worried about this new development, I called home and had my parents talk to our mechanic.

I called a mechanic for my car after two days of acting up. I've been having headaches for over a year and have yet to call a doctor for myself. Haha, priorities...

Anyway. The 'rents and I conversed even as I pulled into Joan's suburban paradise, and I was still on the phone with them when I knocked on the door and was allowed inside. It was a long ordeal in which Leroy (our mechanic) could take the car tomorrow, but I'd have to drop it off tonight or tomorrow morning and blah blah blah. I made arrangements with the folks: they would go to the shop earlier this evening in two cars and drop off one of said cars, leaving the key somewhere for me (like a scavenger hunt!), and then, after my fun with Joan, I'd drive to the shop and swap cars, leaving my key behind in the night-drop. Rawk.

Had a great time with Joan~ She made a delightful chicken dish, we went grocery shopping for some pie ingredients, and then she forced encouraged my to watch the Black Donnelly's, which was pretty good in that "...I kind of predicted that would happen" sort of way. (Or maybe I just need to stop analyzing everything I watch. I'd probably enjoy more stuff that way.) Anyway, then we made a pie. Or we made the pie and then watched the show. That sounds right. Um. Then we killed time while the pie cooled, and then we launched ourselves into sugar comas with pie while we watched Iron Chef America.

I don't understand the appeal of the Food Network. I can see how it would be occasionally interesting, but a lot of it just makes me nauseous. Ah, well. ^^

Anyway. After ICA, I drove to the mechanic and made the car swap (braving rain and fog -- grr on fog! -- and then parking my car at a rather catawampus angle) and returned home, only to belatedly realized I'd left my GPS in my car. Whoops. I guess I won't be going anywhere new and exciting until I get my car back. ^^ Or until I figure out how to make Mapquest my bitch. We'll see how that goes.

I'm tired, cold, and a little irritable. The drive home was rough, and I started wangsting over my all-too-recently deceased kitten (I know it's been almost two months now. Shut up. It still hurts, and yes, I still cry over it. A lot), and now I want to crawl into bed and sleep for a million and a half hours. Instead, I will shower and do all that fun stuff, then crawl into bed for six hours before I take someone's car -- not mine. I should probably find out whose car I'm taking -- to work.

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If my kitten were still alive, today would be his first birthday. Sort of puts a downer on Valentine's Day, but that's all right. Today was still a pretty good day (and it isn't as though I've had any reason to celebrate V-day in a long, long while). Anyway, in honor of my late kitten, I am posting some pictures. They're under the cut, so don't gripe at me about the layout malfunction on your flist, as I am taking little to no responsibility for it.

The pictures. )

Those are all older pictures -- the last one is from September. Sadly, they're also the only pictures I have on my computer right now. The rest are on the main files of my 'rents computer, and I haven't been able to send the files over yet. I've tried, but it's not working. Sad.

Today, as I mentioned, was a pretty good day. I woke up around three in the morning because I was having some nastastic back pains, but a bit of stretching and whimpering and rubbing and they went away and I went back to sleep. Six twenty-something, my alarm went off and I took a quick look outside to see a good bit of snow (and ice), so I called the inclement weather number at work. Business as usual -- blah. Anyway, I checked the roads outside and they weren't clear yet, so I emailed my higher ups to tell them I would be in late, once the roads were clear, and I went back to bed.

Got up again around seven-thirty to check the roads. Still not clear. Back to bed. Eight-thirty? Same thing. This time I stayed up and went downstairs, where I watched the news (the morning news, by the way, is the most useless thing ever. I don't know if that's just because today was V-day or because it's always that stupid, but it was incredibly useless. I didn't even get a traffic report until well after nine o'clock, and even that was a two-second bit that consisted of, "The roads suck, stay inside!"

Thanks, morning news. You suck.

Whatever. I had some breakfast and some coffee, and then I emailed my highers again. It was around ten-something at this point and the roads still weren't clear, and the word was that the main roads were even worse than the back roads, so I basically threw in the towel. Paid Time Off, yay! ([livejournal.com profile] kloos411 -- you're totally going to have to tell me how to show that in my time sheet. Yikes.) Then I hung around for a bit, and then I went to go shovel snow ice.

After the shoveling, I spent pretty much the rest of the day chilling out in front of my computer and eating cheesecake. That's... pretty much been my day. I do have to go to work tomorrow (to prepare for an out-of-office event we're having on Friday), so I'm kind of hoping the weather eases up. Most of the snow and ice from today is still around, and the roads are wet. They're probably going to refreeze... but hopefully I'll be able to get to work tomorrow. Late, if nothing else. Because I have to do stuff.

So, um, happy V-day! Don't get an STD, drink your milk, and look at [livejournal.com profile] grub_street if you haven't already!
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Item 1: I had forgotten the lj nudge function existed until [livejournal.com profile] mortenavida sent one my way. It's the first nudge I've ever received. This is also probably the longest I've ever gone without updating my journal. That says something about me, I think. Yes, it's been a while. I'm sorry. I haven't really felt like being at the computer that much lately.

Item 2: This is my 1,996 journal entry, and my journal will officially be five years old on February 6. I might do something to celebrate the 2,000 entry, or the fifth lj birthday, but I doubt it. As I'm sure you've all figured out by now, I'm not much of one for 'effort'.

Item 3: It's snowing, for the first time so far this winter. I love snow, and cold, and just about everything that goes with this season. Today it started snowing and, pansy that I am, I started to cry. Wooo, emo.

Item 4: I heard on the news last week or so that scientists/geneticists/doctors/whatever have done extensive studies on twins to show that said twins often interact in the womb (they play-fight, for example). Further studies have created the theory that left-handed children probably had a vanishing twin. Since I and my youngest brother are both left-handed, this made my mother a little antsy, and got me a bit interested. Further Googling didn't reveal much, but I did find this and this. I've also discovered, through this research, that most twins are (supposedly) left-handed. I found this odd, as most of the twins I know are right-handed. Hm...

Item 5: I went to the MVA yesterday to get my driving license renewed, and actually had a good time. I waited in line for about fifteen minutes, then sat down with a poor woman who had had the worst day ever (at least one person yelled at her, while I was watching, for something she couldn't control, so I don't blame her. Poor lady). I was feeling a little bit social, so I had a good conversation with her, and I managed to make her laugh a few times (by promising to lock the doors when I left so no one else could get in, and responding to the "do you have any physical or mental disabilities that could impair your ability to drive" question with something snarky like "well, not really, but I'm trying to plead insanity for this murder charge I got a few years back, so..." and silly things like that). When it got time to finish up the licensing, she took a quick look at the picture we'd taken, shook her head, and told me to sit back down, as I "deserved better than that". I thought that was funny (the picture didn't look that bad to me!), but I did as I was told and wound up with the best license/ID picture of my life. Yay! See? It pays to be nice.

Item 6: I've been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XII these days. I'm not very far in, as I really sort of like to just run around, beat stuff up, and make fun of the beasts when they die (they make noises~!), but I'm doing pretty well. (I've just gotten into the Rabanastre Palace for the fete, for those who've played the game. I stopped playing in favor of crying over the snow. Emo~ooooo...) My Pirate's Horde or whatever has three little trophy things, and when I showed them to my brother he was all "...you suck. You're not supposed to get those until you're in such-and-such a place". It was oddly delightful.

Item 7: If I eat anymore peanut butter M&Ms, I will probably explode. And yet here I am, prepared to venture out to the grocery store (in the snow!) just to get more. Pathetic? Yes. Yes indeed. I would much rather have Smarties, anyway. Not those crap sugar Smarties that they sell here, either. I mean these Smarties, which are easily the Best Candies Ever. They must be -- M&Ms were based off them.

Item 8: I miss my kitten like crazy. A lot of you probably don't understand why or just think it's pathetic, since it's been over two weeks since I found out he was dead (seventeen days, actually. Rather, sixteen days and twenty-one hours.), but I do. Not having him around is really hard for me, and it's doing some really weird things to my state of mind. Which is dumb, probably, but it doesn't feel dumb. So I apologize to all of you in advance if I'm distant or unreasonably insensitive or any of that. I'm trying to get things back to normal, but some nights I have dreams where it was some other cat that was run down in the road, and my kitten comes back, and then I spend the next day expecting to see him running around a corner or climbing up onto the couch to hang out with me, or when I look up at the back porch as though he's sitting there waiting to be let in. And it's silly and pathetic and probably more masochistic than it should be, but it's how I'm dealing with things right now (or, rather, making things worse for myself), and that's just how it's going to be. So I'm sorry. Really. Just... be patient with me. Please.

Number 9: ...there is no Number 9. I just like to throw in Beatles' references every now and then.
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There is considerably less water in me now. Therefore, an addendum to my last post.

The addendum. More like a history. )

February 14, 2006-January 4, 2007
"That little critter sure knows how to worm his way into your heart." -- Mom
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He's dead.
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Yeah. So I left for dinner at five and I left the desk light on while I was away so the water would heat up. I returned about ten before six and discovered Phish a lá Bruce the Fish dead. I'm not sure if the water got too hot for him or if his earlier near-death experience took its toll, but both seem probable.

Anyway, I called my parents soon after. My dad was all sympathetic and such and advised me not to get a new fish until after I came home from school (I'll consider it). I could deal with that.

My mother laughed at it. She fucking laughed.
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Dee is dead. The jury is still holding out on Ryo... Right now it could go either way.

Maybe I should give up with the snails and stick with fish and plants. No, wait... Apparently I've killed those, too. Except the plants were technically the snails' fault. And I have no idea what killed Poki. 0_0

...Anyway, Dee's dead and I think Ryo is, too, but I'm not entirely sure. If he is dead, though, I think I'm going to stop trying with snails and go out for a plant or two. The unnamed fish will like that, I'm sure.

(Three snails down...)
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Poki The Fish
Gone But Never Forgotten.
November 3, 2003-March 20, 2004


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