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Some of you may have already seen this article or articles similar to it, but I thought I'd forward it nonetheless. Basically, productivity goes down in March because of -- you basketball fans probably already know -- March Madness, and this dedicated AP journalist was determined to help non-basketball fans keep that productivity from booming.

I think I spent most of yesterday picking up on productivity's slack. Ugh. Luckily, today should be considerably less aggravating, and I might even have a chance to look at StumbleUpon.com, one of the sites references in the above article. Also, there will not be a fire drill today (I hope; two days in a row is sort of overkill). Huzzah.

Um. Other cool things of the day have yet to occur. The commute into work wasn't bad (yay!), the weather is lovely, and I'm a little hungry. Aaaaand... Well, I rode the elevator up to the seventh floor by myself this morning. (Those of you who remember these posts are probably already rolling your eyes. Those of you who don't probably will.)

The "ceiling" of our elevators are rather silly. There are these little circular lights that shine down, and they are all covered (rather, the whole ceiling is covered) by a metal mesh. I have before wondered if cameras are hidden in said metal mesh (Big Brother is watching!), but today the wire mesh actually bothered me. Movies and television shows have taught me that you can escape an elevator through a ceiling shaft, and perhaps it's a leftover from yesterday's fire drill, but I can't help but wonder what our elevators's alternative to the ceiling shaft might be. Or is there no alternative? Are we supposed to rip out the metal mesh and hope there's a removable panel up there? Really, it's almost distressing, in that "Huh, good thing that won't ever happen" kind of way.

That being said, none of you are allowed to ever go launch an attack against my work building. Not that I'd think any of you would really do that anyway, mind, but I'd just like you to remember that. *heart*
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Today I did a good thing. Or will do a good thing. Um. Actually, I guess I'm technically doing the good thing tomorrow, since the mail isn't going out until then. So whatever. And I'd tell you what good thing I did, but I don't want to because that would completely blow my secret identity as Karma Girl.

Yesterday's to-do list is still applicable, of course. But I've managed to cross a few things off! Most of my Rp things finished first (hmhmhm no reason for that at all of cooouuuuurse not), but Work things are (oddly) coming in at a close second. Also, Writing. That's going pretty well. I finished all the drabbles I owe people, so I'll post them when I get home. Or tomorrow. Either or. Reading, Audio/Visual, and Misc. are tied for last place. Like that's a big surprise. I'll take care of most of the Misc. list tomorrow (when I go to the bank/get gas put in the car/have time to clean the fishtanks) and Saturday (when I have time to shop/can find the cat/have time to update F*P). The Sims? Yeah. Like I need any encouragement to do stuff with the Sims. The stuff on the Reading list will probably be done tonight and tomorrow. Audio/Visual, though, loses at life. Sorry, A/V. You require far more time than I have at this particular moment in time.

I should try the whole music thing again, too. Playing it, not listening, I mean. Because I've been a horrible bum. I haven't picked my flute up since June, and the piano has only gotten the occasional moment of slapdash attention, mostly while I'm trying to give my parents heart attacks ("Oh my god! She still knows what a piano is!").

The elevators at work stopped again today. XD Only for about two minutes, though, so no big. It wasn't nearly as long as last time, and it was still fun (for me). I think they're kind of like a clock: you need to wind them every day, or they'll die on you. Or that seems to be the running theory; whenever the elevators stop working, that's what K. (he works downstairs) does -- he sticks a key in a slot and turns it until they start working again. He must have a wicked Mechanical skill. My Sims can't even maintain a clock without breaking it, and one of them can't even wind it without the damn thing turning to dust. Wtf, Sims?

...I'm going to start dreaming in Sim if I'm not careful. Cripes.

edit: I just turned fic!Quatre into a lush. Anyone who knows anything about Quatre should be just as gleeful as I am at this very moment. Maybe he'll start beating up his sisters next. That'll be awesome. (In that terribly disturbing way. Stay good, Quatre, stay good!)
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"Traffic" by Carbon Leaf is my new anthem. It's awesome. Thanks, Joan!

Today at work, I was replying to an eljay comment via email, and my computer started bugging up. My internet browser went pop-up crazy, and I had to task-manage to get it all back under control. It was scary for a minute there. ("Oh no! Someone might give a damn about what I do when I have no work to do!") It all worked out in the end, though. I fixed it, and then I gave my internet a suspicious look for the next ten minutes while I tried to figure out cost coding. It was fun.

Um. A to-do list, because I am a horrible bum. Things can be added, but not deleted (this time), because otherwise I'll cheat!

Oh, the to-do! )

OH! Yesterday, the elevators at work broke. It was great. I was also not in them at the time, although I wanted to be (I had to get upstairs so I could, you know, get to work). It was pretty neat, and I had a conversation with people who were waiting for the broken elevators with me. And then I turned on the lights in the cube farm and surfed the internet. Which has been pretty par for the course these past two weeks.


Dec. 12th, 2006 02:56 pm
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Note to self: drinking coffee after two o'clock in the afternoon does not do good things for your heartrate. It is clearly necessary to work your way up to two o'clock coffee, otherwise you will give yourself a heart attack by two forty-five. Or at least drink decaf. Idiot.

My heart is trying to run a marathon right now, but the coffee was pretty good, for break room coffee.

Today, in the elevator, I considered the ramifications of picking someone's pocket just to see if I could do it and, if I could, how I would give back their wallet without making things awkward. (And yes, I rode the elevator up by myself, so I didn't have a target in mind. Additionally, for those of you who Actually Know Me In Real Life, please don't worry about my picking your pocket any time in the near future. For one, I'm not that talented and, for another, I don't actually want to pick someone's pocket. I was just playing with the idea of what could happen. This has been a Public Service Announcement.)

Work work.

Nov. 29th, 2006 02:04 pm
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I'm rocking it hardcore over at Overheard. Yay for the spice company~ It may have been something akin to friendly torture toward the end, but at least it was good for many, many fun quotes. The publishing company isn't quite as great for quotes; I've only managed to hear one worth submitting thus far. We'll see how that works out. Never mind that I should be working and not listening for quotes. I can do both.

My solo journeys up and down the elevators have been infrequent lately. This makes me happy, as it means I don't have to glare suspiciously at the ceiling every time the elevator makes a horrible noise.

Finally, how is it that I can walk into work with all of two things to do and by noon have eleven things to do (I have a list~), all of high priority and all due on Friday? That somehow doesn't seem fair.

(Really) finally, I just remembered that I haven't done any Holiday Card things this year. Oops. Um. I'm sort of anti-holidays this year, but I'll still send out cards. I'll post a "poll" along with today's music download as soon as I get home get back from fencing die have the chance.

Back to work!
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For those who read yesterday's elevator realization and were curious as to what occurred to me today while I went up the elevator, be curious no more. As I was going up the elevator, I realized "...today is the day before Thanksgiving. There's going to be almost no one in the office." And then my brain, ever so helpful, offered up the most devious of smiles and declared "I COULD DRINK ALL THE COFFEE."

I would like to point out that the elevator ride is very short. I go up seven floors, yes, but usually no one interrupts the elevator's journey, and it goes rather quickly. Also, the elevator is fairly new. It is not old and decrepit or anything like that, and it does not have fumes leaking in from, say, the local 'We Make You Crazy! Chemical Shoppe'. It's a nice elevator that happens to make some funny noises, and it's really not the elevator's fault that it sends me into little nervous titters.

I dislike that elevator. Well, I hate all four of the elevators. Or three of the four elevators; I've never been by myself in the last one. ^.^

And no, I did not drink all the coffee. I haven't even had a cup yet. Although I'm considering it now, because nothing goes better with lasagna bolognese than a nice cup of coffee. Yum.

We're getting kicked out of the building by three. I'm not sure why, since the building is open until six, but we were all asked to leave at three. Pfft. Like anyone is going to complain.
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This evening, while I was coming down in the elevator to leave work and go to my car, I had a thought. Um. Well, first, read this thread in [livejournal.com profile] domacatrix's journal, since that will pre-empt what I say next. After the thread, Joan IMed me, and I couldn't help myself:

Me: Snakes on an Elevaaaaator.
Joan: Yessssss
Me: Creeeeeeepy.
Me: That's what occurred to me while I was taking the elevator downstairs today BY MYSELF and it started creaking and making funny noises. My brain went "...snakes could totally come through the ventilation holes". My next thought was "...holy shit. If that happened, I'd probably piss myself." My third thought was something like "...I wonder if that would make the snakes go away?"
Me: And then the doors opened and everything was okay.
Joan: lol

That's... in case any of you wanted to know what I think about when I'm by myself on elevators. *facepalm* It could be worse. Yesterday I took the elevator up by myself and my brain went "...dude. The back of this elevator opens." And then my brain went "...this is like something out of a bad horror movie." And then I spent the rest of the elevator ride (and my morning) wondering how I could die in an elevator. Oddly enough, snakes didn't even occur to me at that point.

I have a to-do list, and I'm not sharing it with you. Nyuhnyuh.

Title: Defying Gravity
Artist: Wicked
Album: Wicked
Day: Twenty-one
Why? This song makes me think of Joan. Partially because she made it her theme song last year, yes, and partially because I just begged her to email it to me (my brother has stolen my CD), and partially because it's a very Joan song. Um. So why put it up for a NaNo download? That should be obvious. Dude. If we can defy gravity, of course we can hit 50,000 words by the end of the month. Piece of cake.


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