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August 30, 2005-January 24, 2009

It seems these are the only pictures I ever posted of said fish, so here you be. I'd take a picture of her now, but that's sort of morbid so I won't. It wouldn't be the most flattering picture, anyway. The tumor made her pine-cone and bloat, and it's not how she should be remembered.

Anyway, that's my last fish for a while. I can't really remember the last time I went without having a fish (I guess it was in the beginning of my first semester of college? I got Poki somewhere halfway through that autumn), so it'll be weird. And I'm not sure what to do with all the fish food and medicines and stuff I have. ([livejournal.com profile] whimper, do you need any fish foods/medicines/supplies? I don't want it all to go to waste. ^^)
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I think Kaylee-fish has a tumor. I've known for a while that she wasn't doing too hot, and [livejournal.com profile] whimper pointed out a sizable lump last time she was here. I've done some research and that's really what it looks like, which means there isn't much of anything I can do. Just in case, I'm planning to do a complete water change. I don't plan to medicate for fear that makes things worse, but we'll see.

Do not want.

If she dies, I think she'll be my last fish for a while. She's lasted a good long time and I really like having fish, but getting attached to them and then not being able to do much of anything when they get really, really sick gets pretty depressing.
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I miss feeling like I matter to other people (and how's that for an angst moment of the day?).

Random memes, moving, and work aside, it's been a rather slow few weeks. I've done little to no writing (because I'm a baaaaaad person), even less rp stuff (which might be a good thing? I'm not sure; I enjoy that sort of thing, after all), and a lot of reading (which I know is a good thing. Yay reading!). I'm suffering a sort of general malaise, and I'm not sure how to feel about it just yet.

In other news, I have the most completely stupid fish ever. But that makes her funny, and I'm all for it. ^__^ The fact that she's suddenly a little bit paranoid probably has something to do with it (Hobbes, K.'s kitten, hasn't learned that Kaylee is not a toy/source of attention/food group, and has made a habit of clawing at her aquarium. I'm not blaming him for it -- it's a cat thing! -- but it'll be nice when he grows out of it). Then again, Kaylee's always been a little paranoid. She's weird like that.

...I need to write something before I go absolutely bonkers, I think. I used to get most of my writing done during class or slow hours at work, but the Real World rarely allows for that sort of thing. The weird thing is, I've had lots of inspiration bursts (but they're mostly all things I want to save for when NaNoWriMo comes around in November) but little drive to actually sit down and write something. That's a problem.

It sounds like all my journal posts lately have been complaining. Argh. I really don't mean for them to sound like that. I'm a happy person, and I'm content with almost every aspect of my life (except for the bits where I've gone weeks without seeing certain people -- you know who you are).

I'm almost a whole month behind in my Word of the Day calendar. Ack! I'd better get cracking. ^^ That means more writing. I should probably get on that.

Ooh, vicious cycle. They're my favorites. >D

This icon is courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] domacatrix. Because it rocks.
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[x] give Zap a proper burial
[x] update the F*P fish page
[x] help [livejournal.com profile] domacatrix pack
[x] [livejournal.com profile] mirrorium post
[x] [livejournal.com profile] mirrorium apps
[-] car shopping!
[x] put gas in the car
[-] change the car oil
[x] go to the store
[x] clean Zap's tank (*sigh*)
[x] get some monies
[x] Junior Editions website (March)
[x] Junior Editions website (April)
[x] use 5+ WotD
[x] post G/A breakup log
[x] work on Aristeia
[x] work on Sam's HoHo fic
[x] work on Origific
[x] punctuation sensei!

What else, what else? Um. Oh. My brother totaled my mother's car this past Wednesday, which was... interesting, although not really that fun. The parents were both in Baltimore seeing a play, so I stood out in the cold (and it was cold!) helping deal with insurance, the police, a very stubborn ambulance, and the tow truck guy. Andy wound up just fine; he has a few cuts and scrapes and bruises and all of that. The car, as previously mentioned, was totaled. Andy was lucky to walk away as well as he did.

I was forwarded the means to check my work email from my home computer. This is good in that it means I know what I have to deal with on Monday, but bad in that it simply proves me as some sort of workaholic. And that the layout/links of the Outlook on my home computer look drastically different from that on my work computer, so I can't really navigate the site and have to leave all the extra mail for filing when I get to work. Grr on that.

Other than that, I've got nothing. I'm thinking of moving Kaylee's fishtank from the bookshelf to the desk, although that may involve more rearranging than I'm willing to do, so we'll see.

RIP Zap.

Apr. 20th, 2007 11:09 pm
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Zapenath Paneah (Zap)
July 1, 2004-April 20, 2007
A fish of many colours. Gone but never forgotten.

This is apparently not a good year for my pets. In Zap's defense, however, he was very old. And very sick -- he's had what's looked to be the onset of dropsy for months now (although he only started pine-coning this week). Poor fishie.


Sep. 4th, 2005 09:39 pm
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I like to go with the flow. PICTURES!

The first two are of Kaylee, the newest fish (and my baby girl), who wouldn't sit still long enough for us to get a decent shot of her. Anyway, she's super-pretty. Her body is off-white and she has pink/red tipped fins and tail.

Kaylee Pictures )

The next two are of me, because we decided you all needed to see my bleached out hair before I dye it again tomorrow. Joan posted some on her journal, and one of them did feature me, but I was wearing my RP scarf (i.e., the one I wear when I'm rping/writing and don't want to get hair in my face). I couldn't stop laughing when Melissa was taking the pictures; the first picture is of me trying really, really hard not to laugh. The second is of me laughing my frickin' butt off.

Don't laugh don't laugh ohmygodstoplaughing! )

The end!
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This is a super quick post because I feel weird taking Joan's internet while she's not here. I'm not even checking my email or f-list or anything... I'm just going to update so I don't forget what's been going on.

1: Bought a new fish on the 30th of August. Her name is Kaylee.

2: Joan and I dyed our hair last night. Bleached it, really. Joan's is v. pretty, despite what she thinks.

3: Classes still okay.

The end.


Jul. 21st, 2004 09:46 pm
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I thought a few of you may have been interested in seeing pictures of my babies...

This first one is Zephaniah, who didn't want to stay still long enough for me to snap a picture... Consequently, the picture is blurry and you can't really see just how adorable he is.

This is Zep's tank.

This guy is Zaphenath-Paneah, who was nice enough to pose for me while I snapped picture after picture of him, trying to find a decent one!

And this is his house.

In other news, fencing went well tonight. Won all three of my bouts... which is fantastic. It turns out that keeping my hair out of my eyes does help out a bit! Go figure. ^^ Anyway, Jamie said he's going to be opening up a new fencing place in Mt. Airy--closer to the house! He'd be the only teacher, but, still, it's closer to home... Andy doesn't want to switch, because he says he has too many friends in the Columbia classes, and I guess, in the end, that's up to him. But whatever.
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David came back from Europe today--about twenty minutes ago. Very sad.

...and Photobucket apparently doesn't like me. I made two banner-like things last night/early this morning, because I was having trouble sleeping again (time to whip out that lavender, I guess...), and I don't know what to do with them... They're pictures from both Gravitation (Yuki/Shu). I figured I could post them here (or at least links to them) and ask you all what should be done. Now I guess I'll just have to be patient. *wait wait wait*

I've recently been getting into Prince of Tennis, and let me just say that BitTorrent is a good, good thing. ^_^ I've been downloading like crazy... Slows down my network a little bit, but I can deal with that. I spent years on dial-up, after all, and so I think I can handle a few days with slow cable.

I did the annual cleaning of the fish tanks today, and added a bit of Melafix to Zephaniah's tank--he pin-holed his anal fin, probably because he flares up at most everything. He's stupid, but I love him... Anyway, the Melafix should help fix that up in no time at all, so he'll be as pretty as always. ^_^ Zaphenath-Paneah had some ornaments and a fake plant added to his tank, which made him happy. He's making good use of the little cave thing (he likes the hiding place), and I think he's a little weirded out by the plant. The plant was too tall for the tank, believe it or not, so I had to trim it a little. I didn't mind doing that at all, though, since there were some sharp bits on the ends of the plant, and I got to cut those off while I was trimming. Zap will certainly be much safer with that!

Speaking of the fishies, Mrs. Kinnison from down the road agreed to watch my babies when I go on vacation with the family next Saturday. She and her family are away right now, and the wormbaby has been taking care of their new kitten (who, by the way, is friggin' adorable), and they'll be getting back the Sunday after we leave. So Mrs. Kinnison told me I could leave my tanks in their laundry room on Saturday and she'll make sure to take good care of them when she gets back. She also promised to keep the kitten away from them, which is good. ^_^

That reminds me... I need to write up some instructions for her. I gave her a run-through of basic fish care when I went over there on Thursday, but she is going on vacation, so... (Besides, now that I'm medicating Zep for the pin-hole, I want to make sure she's careful with that.) Let's see... I'll need to put feeding, medicating, and entertaining (yes, fish do need to be entertained, especially when they are in a tank all by their lonesome) bits on there... I'll definitely clean the tanks before I leave, though, since I don't want to risk having her do that! Yikes. I shiver at the thought.

Note to me: leave some water conditioner and a jug of water there, just in case.

I worked with Jennie today, since it was a car show. We had fun... But the ice chest is seriously emptying out! We didn't get a delivery at all this week, which was unusual, so we're down to our about seven bags of ice (a package and a half). That may last me the morning shift, tomorrow, but I don't know if there will still be any ice when Andi takes over at 4... If worse comes to worse, I'll call the store, grab some money from the cash register, and get a package or two from the Liquor Store down the hill. Jimmy won't like it, but we all do a lot of things Jimmy wouldn't like. (Speaking of which, Jennie and I decided to put a tip jar out, which Jimmy Does Not Allow. Which is dumb. Made about eight dollars more than normal.)

Aaaaanyway, Jennie and I got a little bored around seven-thirty, so we locked up, put up the sign, and then went to Jimmy Cone for ice cream (and to check out some of the cars. Great stuff!). We both got small ice creams... And Jennie decided that she wanted to try one of their sno-cones, because we've heard that they are really bad. So she bought a small rootbeer cone, and she said we could split it when we got back to the shack. There was no need for it; the cone was AWFUL, so I had a bite, she had a bite, and we dumped it in the sink. Which looked really nasty... I'd say what it looked like, but I won't, just in case anyone needs their appetite for anything.

I found out that both Jennie and Beth have on-line journals. Whether they're at livejournal or otherwise, I don't know (forgot to ask). I also don't know their usernames... I may ask Beth for hers some other time, but maybe not. I'm not sure I'm really that interested, to be honest. ^^ As much as I love to keep track of the people I know, stalking my co-workers could get a bit weird for all of us. If I get bored later, I may do a google search to see if anything comes up. Probably nothing will; I have no idea what would be the search criteria...

Want new icons. Will look into making some.

I should be writing. I promised myself I would try to write for at least an hour every day this month, but I didn't get any done at work today, since I wasn't by myself. -_- I guess I should do that... *le whine*

Shower first. Then write. Yes. ^_^
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Hooray for random Bible trivia! ^_~

I was playing with the fishies this morning (and I got The New Guy to flare, which makes me happy because he wasn't doing it when I brought him home yesterday. Usually it takes them a few hours to adjust to the environment, though, so I wasn't worried) and noticed that The New Guy's colour changes everytime he moves. Reflects the light differently, I guess. He's green one minute, blue the next, and purple a bit later! I told you he was gorgeous. ^_^

Anyway, I was thinking about names for him, and the story of Joseph and the dreamcoat came to mind. Now, I don't want to name the fish Joseph, simply because I'm not really big on using "human names" for animals. So I got to thinking about it, and a light bulb went off.

Once Joseph was let out of prison, made to interpret the Pharoah's dreams, and moved along up to a more exalted status, wasn't he given a new name? An Egyptian name? Obviously they wouldn't approve of him using his Hebrew name, correct? It certainly made since to me! And, since my mum is a bit of a nut when it comes to religion and all that, I figured "Hey, I'll ask her, she'll know what the new name was!" So I meandered downstairs to ask her.

After posing the questoin, she gave me a look, then said: "No, I don't think they did give him a new name... But call Barb at the store. She's insane when it comes to Bible triva!" And so I did. Barb didn't think Joseph was given a new name, either. I got a little peeved at this point, ordered my mother to keep Barb on the line, and went to look it up.

Genesis 41:45 -- Pharoah appoints Joseph to power and renames him Zaphenath-Paneah, meaning he who can reveal secret things with ease, and rejoiceth the heart of man therewith.

My mother was shocked when I told her I was right. Barb was equally surprised. Random Bible facts make my day happy. ^_^

Anyway, I was thinking of naming the new guy Zaphenath-Paneah (pronounced: Zap-ah-nath Pon-ey-uh), but I realized that I'd probably nickname him Zap. I already have a Zep. While Zep and Zap do sound cute as can be, I don't want the names to sound too similar, just in case... "Oh, Mom, would you mind feeding Zep for me?" "Sure!" "MOM, that's Zap! Stop feeding him, he's already been fed!"

-_- Appropriate nicknames would be appreciated...
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So, um, my mother had to pick me up from work today (4 people at work, 3 cars... you do the math), and then decided she wanted to go to Walmart. Of course, I went with. And I immediately went to the fish section. Because that's what I do. I found six dead bettas just on the first shelf, and I put them on one of the lower shelves, where they would be noticed and... disposed of. One had obviously died of velvet. Do you know how hard it is for velvet to kill a fish? Pretty damn hard. Anyway, one of the other ones--a live one--had a really bad case of S.B.D. I estimated he had another day or so to live, if he was lucky. Poor guy.

Anyway, I started moving all the bettas in the back closer to the front, so they'd be seen, and one guy caught my eye... He was gorgeous. A kaleidoscope of colours, and he was flaring at me besides. He lurved me. ^_^

Of course, I already have Zep, so I knew I had no reason to get a new fishie, no matter how pretty he was. So I pouted over it for a while. And when I met my mother up front, I told her about the cute I'd found on the back shelf, and she shrugged and told me to buy him if I wanted him.

I really love my mother. ^_^

Anyway, I spent a LOT of time deliberating over whether or not to buy him, and then even more as to what tank to buy. I considered getting a B. Kit like the one Zep lives in, but Mum pointed out that the 2 gallon, filtered tank cost only two dollars more... AND IT'S FILTERED. Meaning that I can get other fish, too. ^_^ So I bought that one.

I have never had a filtered tank before. Figuring it out was... interesting. ^^ Anyway, it has to run for 48 hours before I can put any fish in it, so The New Guy is sitting on my desk, in the bucket he came in (I changed the water. I'm not stupid). He's kind of skittish, but still adorable. I love him just as much as I love Zep.

Speaking of Zep, that little guy is a spaz. He rocks. ^_^

ANYWHO, I now have two fishies to call my own! Zep and The New Guy. I'm thinking I'll continue along in the biblical trend and give The New Guy another name from the bible. Suggestions are more than welcome, of course. ^_^

(x-posted in [livejournal.com profile] fsubetta)

Oh, and while I'm thinking about it? Philophobia. Coolest word ever.
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Stupid live plant won't stay where I put it. *pokes it* GET IN THE GRAVEL AND STAY THERE!

...the good news is that it looks like Zep is eating the roots of the plant. Actually, that's bad news... He has to eat what I give him eventually, right? *rawr* Dumb fish.

Betta Forum

Jun. 8th, 2004 12:28 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] fsubetta

Becuase I got bored. ^^ It's really just a forum for all the people at FSU who own (or just plain love) betta fish. Well, any kind of fish, really, but specifically bettas. ^^ [livejournal.com profile] slyfox78, [livejournal.com profile] ladynight, and [livejournal.com profile] idontcare03, I will be disappointed in you guys if you don't join. ^_~ (Just teasing!)
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The fish is named Zephaniah. (Pronunciation: zeh-fuh-NAI-uh. Difficulty? Here's a sound bite. Click to download.)

Zephaniah was a Biblical prophet who foretold the Judgement Day and the second coming of the Lord. Given that I'm not really a religious person at all, I suppose I should explain my reasoning for having named my fish after this prophet... All right, given that I was raised in a strict Catholic home, it's really not that big a deal that I would know the prophets or be able to spout off certain passages from the Big Book from memory, right? Zephaniah's book is an extremely easy one for me to remember, simply because it's (a) short and (b) kind of funny. Zephaniah, after all, did not believe that God really had a hand in any human affairs--I remember him once being called a "practical atheist", and I guess that phrase stuck with me. Zephaniah was not really all that good at following the teachings of God, and at times it almost seems as though he's trying to make up his own rules because he just plain Doesn't Get It. Or at least, that's my take on it. ^^

So no, this isn't blashphemy (especially not for me!), it's my idea of humor. Get over it.

Besides, my fish's nickname is Zep, which could be from a lot of things. I'm not a big Led Zeppelin fan myself, but I was perusing one of the Aerosmith sites (and, of course, Aerosmith is my favorite-ist band in the world) and was reminded that both Brad Whitford and Joey Kramer (guitar and drums, respectively) were inspired by Zeppelin, once upon a time. Kramer, however, always seems to refer to Zeppelin as 'Zep', and that made me think back to Zephaniah. Funny how that works. ^^ Anyway, I plugged 'Zep' into google and came back with four main things... Zeppelin and Zephaniah were the first two, of course. The other two were about an old comic strip and something to do with French education, which I couldn't read because I don't remember any useful French.

In any case, the fish's name is Zephaniah--Zep for short. It seems to suit him. ^_^ I'll post pictures of him as soon as I can find my digi-camera.

The Fish.

Jun. 6th, 2004 10:59 pm
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So, um, the new fish? Yeah. He's not eating. I'm not too worried about that, to tell the truth, because betta fish are picky eaters. He'll eat when he's hungry. I've been offering him three different kinds of food--wardley betta food (the cheapo pellets you get from Walmart), the Nutrafin Betta Flakes (not so cheapo food that has dried blood worms in it and enhance the colour of the fish), and the Bio-Gold pellets (best in the market right now. Fantastic for bettas!), and he won't touch any of them.

He also still needs a name. Does anyone have ideas? I sort of want to go into a more literary perspective... I'm not going to name him something silly, though, so I was thinking of maybe naming him after an author...? Whatever. I also thought about naming him Cooper, but he really doesn't seem like a Cooper. *shrug*

Speaking of the fish, he blew his first bubble nest today, which is good. Bubble nests imply that the fish is healthy, after all. Unless they're large bubbles, in which case you have a sick fish on your hands, but whatever. These are pretty normal bubbles, which means he's finally starting to like his new home. ^_^ The problem? They're a kind of light-copper colour. Bubble nests are, so far as I know, always white in colour, but this is a yellow-orange nest, and that's just plain weird. I've been asking around at a few fish forums to see if anyone knows what's up with it, but I haven't gotten any useful answers yet. *shrug* I'm sure someone will have seen it before and they can tell me about it...

I NEED FISH NAMES! Last time I asked for names, I got: Soku, Bosie, Duchovny, Kassian, Nicolai, Hikaru, Kazuki, Touya, Tsuzuki, Ginji, Soho, and Kyu. Does anyone have any new names, or do they have one from this list that they really like?


May. 15th, 2004 05:46 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] slyfox78 and I took Tripper (her fish) to the pet store today and it turns out that there's a high ammonia content in the water she's been using for the fish. It's store-bought spring water, but apparently that doesn't mean anything. And it makes me wonder, because I used the same water for Phish a lá Bruce the Fish... But whatever. Tripper is doing fine now, apparently.

I saw "Mean Girls" with Maki and [livejournal.com profile] slyfox78 last night. It was cute, albeit a little floofy and a touch predictable, and I enjoyed it. My favorite parts of the whole movie all involved a speeding bus... I won't say why. ^_^ ANYWAY!

After the movie, the three of us went back to [livejournal.com profile] slyfox78's room. See, Maki has never seen Shrek and we invited her to come see the sequel with us next Friday, since we'll all still be on campus (for the most part. Rawr to band!), so we're going to watch Shrek tonight and we had to show her where [livejournal.com profile] slyfox78's room was! Well, we doing the hanging out (I LOVE TEEN TITANS!) and Dayvin the Creep started walking back and forth down the hallway.

I need to explain Dayvin. He was in [livejournal.com profile] slyfox78's American Lit and my HEL class, and he's more than a touch rascist. He's African American, you see, and for some reason he seems to think that we, as non-black Americans, should apologize for what "your ancestors all did". So basically we should apologize to him for something that we had no control over. It's... weird. He also said that the Holocaust didn't count as oppression, so yeah, he's stupid. In any case, back to the story...

So there we were, Maki, [livejournal.com profile] slyfox78, and myself, laughing over something Joan had pulled up on the computer and he knocks on the door and practically invites himself in. He's drunk and annoying and all that shit, and he's hitting on the three of us. Gods, what a jerk. We did eventually get rid of him, around the same time Maki left, but still... *shiver*

In other news, Vikki left this morning/afternoon. Well, she was packing up her Dad's car around eight and she actually left at about two-thirty. But she's gone. And now I have the room all to myself. Shibby. ^_^

...I really do have to study now. Yes. Bye.
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Yeah. So I left for dinner at five and I left the desk light on while I was away so the water would heat up. I returned about ten before six and discovered Phish a lá Bruce the Fish dead. I'm not sure if the water got too hot for him or if his earlier near-death experience took its toll, but both seem probable.

Anyway, I called my parents soon after. My dad was all sympathetic and such and advised me not to get a new fish until after I came home from school (I'll consider it). I could deal with that.

My mother laughed at it. She fucking laughed.
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I've managed to traumatize my fish for life, I think...

Okay, so I went to class around 2:50, okay? I'd just given Phish a lá Bruce the Fish his medicine, which usually makes him a little spastic, but I figured he'd be cool, so I didn't put the lid on the hospital tank. I got back from class around 4:20 and I looked in the tank and... no fish. So I looked on the floor and such, desperate to find the fish, and eventually saw him, covered in dust, behind my desk. Seemingly dead. So I picked him up and put him in the trash (it was empty. Don't give me that look. Then I called Joan to tell her about it and then my brother, at home. While talking to my brother, I decided I wanted to give the fish a funeral, so I got him out of the trash and put him on a tissue. I started getting the dirt off and then...

And then he twitched.

My brain went HOLY FUCK at this point in time and I freaked out a little. Then, recovering my sense, I put him back in the hospital tank.

Bruce is alive, amazingly enough, but just barely. He's also very dirty--still--and his eyes are looking kind of weird. I think that, if he lasts through the night, he'll be okay again. I hope.

So that's my fun story of the day...

edit: he's dead.


Apr. 11th, 2004 10:33 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] slyfox78 is one of the only people in the world who knows just how clumsy I really am. *points at Joan's latest entry*

Phish a lá Bruce the Fish is doing... okay. Not good, not bad, not really much of anything. Just okay. I couldn't get the medicine stuff today (everything was close because of Easter! Even Walmart!), but Joan said she'd run to the store and get some Copper Safe for me on Monday. I heart the Joan.

I'm really wanting some chinese food right now for some reason.

I have a report due tomorrow (an oral report, and I don't want to hear any comments from the Peanut Gallery, understand?) that I've only barely started. It's about Moyna, from The Rooftop Dwellers. I've decided that I'm going to write about how her potential is limited by her fear of going against the rules and mores of the Indian society. Could be fun.

Mister E (my high school band teacher) was in the newspaper on April 2. Again. ^_^ This time the article was about Maynard Ferguson, however, who will be playing at the high school on the fourteenth.

My mum just called... I've been on the phone with her for almost a full hour now and my eart hurts. Rawr. So if you IM'ed me and I didn't respond, that's probably why. My bad.

Leilla, I got your letter and I loved it! I laughed SO hard! Thank you. I'll be writing back soon. ^_^
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SHIT SHIT SHIT FUCK DAMN!!! I should have known better. Argh!

All right, long story short: Phish a lá Bruce the Fish isn't doing so hot and I thought it looked like Ick/Ich, which is a parasite that makes the fish look as though there are small sugar-like crystals on its body. So [livejournal.com profile] slyfox78 drove me to the pet store (and we bought her a fish, too! Help her name it!) and I bought some Ick Guard. HOWEVER! I'm looking at my fish now and I'm thinking that the white/gray bits look a lot more like Velvet, another parasite (this one makes the skin or fins look dusty with yellow or gray patches), meaning that I am treating this fish for the wrong thing.

So shit fuck damn. I really should have known better... Hell, if I was smart I would have bought the copper solution, which treated both Ick and Velvet and a few other infections! I can always rectify the mistake later on, of course, except that tomorrow (today?) is Easter, so a lot of stores are going to be closed. FUCK. I should have known better than that!

Maybe Walmart will be open? I'm not a bit Walmart fan, to be honest, but I'll take almost anything I can get, really...

In other news, Cartoon Network showed endless amounts of Teen Titans today, which made Joan and me very happy. Our favorite episode EVER is the one where Robin is blackmailed into taking this girl to her junior prom and Starfire goes ballistic. It was totally shibby (or swank, to use Joan's word)! We also noticed that Robin looks GOOD in a tear-away tux and that his tights are suspiciously baggy in certain areas, if you know what I mean. Indeed.

I also got the super-ist letter from Leilla today. ^_^ Thanks, Leilla! I'll be writing back super soon, I promise!

*whines* Why did I do something as stupid as buy something that was ONLY for Ick???


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