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I've lately been terrible about answering emails, live journal comments, and phone calls. I mean, I've always been bad at that sort of thing. Now I'm exceptionally bad at it. It's exciting, in that not really kind of way. I've got to stop putting things off.

[livejournal.com profile] thstlenshmrock and I joined flute choir, as I mentioned previously, and we're really enjoying it so far. I mean, there are some aspects that bother me, but those are all minor minor minor things, and I can overlook them. It's just great to be playing with a group again, to have new music, to actually have a reason to practice... It's nice. I'd forgotten how much I liked to play my flute. The music varies in difficulty, and I always seem to wind up with the part with all the middle-register Cs (which I guess will force me to start playing those in tune, huh? It's the hardest note to pin down, and of course here I am without a tuner to my name...), and it's great.

Also, the conductor (B., as I'll refer to him from here on out) is sort of a younger, hipper K. (my college director) in the respect that he says some really, really silly things. He has yet to say anything along the lines of "Get your clothes back on!" or "Let's go back to sex... section B", and I doubt he'll ever need to (Anna and I are very easily the youngest people in the choir right now), but he's pretty funny. Rehearsal yesterday was spattered with references to goop and blobs, and the one before that included a fishing metaphor.

It's fun. ^__^ I'm glad Anna talked me into it.

On the writing front, things are starting to look up. I'm still relatively idea-dry, but that's all right; I have some prompts left to do, and then I intend to seriously buckle down with the Novel From Hell. My new goal is to have it finished by the end of October -- well before NaNoWriMo begins -- so that I can justify stepping away from it for a month or two before I get into the tasking task (...) of goring it. I know from experience, sadly, that I'm absolutely horrific at goring my own work, so I may recruit some "volunteers" to help me out. We'll see how particularly brave I am about sharing that monster.

I've been staying late at work a lot lately, which is okay because I keep catching the late train to get in to work. I mean, I'm still working later than I should (going by the standard "working hours"), but whatever. It's working for me, seeing as how my most productive times typically come later in the day. It does sometimes make for a sketchy train ride home, but that's no big deal. When it starts to get dark early, however, I may need to change that up. I don't mind walking home alone in the dark, and I live in a relatively safe neighborhood (you know, for Baltimore), but still. You guys know the old adage. Better safe...

...I feel like I should post something really fun and interesting in order to make this journal entry worth it for you. Here. Have a baby in a tunnel, the best x-over picture ever, and political-themed Magic: The Gathering cards. Will that do? That'll do.
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Children are funny. Children with flutes? Even funnier.

So! I spent the morning with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] domacatrix. We had a good time (or I did; I'm assuming she did as well) and enjoyed our fifteen minutes of sunshine and warmth with some talk out on the front stoop and some ice cream -- a fine combination. I believe we're hoping to get together next week, too, and... [livejournal.com profile] whimper! What are your plans? ♥ We want to steal you.

The rest of my afternoon and parts of my evening were spent over at [livejournal.com profile] thstlenshmrock. We tootled our flutes and swapped music, and we played duets like grown ups, which was awesome, and then headed over to the Peabody bookstore to look at their music selection. It was rather slim (sad), but worth the trip, I think. In any case, we headed back before too long and I sat in on her flute students' lessons.

Oh, right. I don't think I mentioned this. I'm thinking of teaching beginning and intermediate flute lessons in the area, just to pick up a bit of extra cash (and so I'll actually, you know, practice my flute from time to time). Watching A's lessons today is the first step in my maybe-doing-this-for-real process. The next one is figuring out whether or not the elementary school down the street will let me advertise.

Anyway. I have lots of writing to do, some edits to finish, a website to code, and icons to make (permanent accounts are up to 142 now! Jebus!). Farewell, friends!


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