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My desktop computer is working again, and I was right: the problem was the PSU. I tested it by swapping mine with one of the PSUs at my parents' place, and it worked fine. After I got all the necessary files off, I left the tower with them to use for parts, but my mother went on eBay and found a cheap PSU there. I purchased it and had it shipped to them, and they've confirmed that the computer totally works again. So that's cool, and it was a very, very cheap fix. Thank you, eBay!

I love the Star Trek movie. Have I said this already? I've totally said this already. Nonetheless, it bears repeating. I've seen it twice (both times more or less for free, because I'm a freeloader) and I kind of want to see it a third, but I don't, y'know, want to (a) spend money or (b) drive all the way to the theatre. It may very well become one of my Favorite Movies, up there with El Dorado and that other with the name I can't remember right now, but you know sort of what I mean, don't you? Of course you don't. Anyway. Hurry up and come out on DVD, Star Trek movie! I want you and your awesome, awesome Chris Pike and Karl Urban and Eric Bana (I love bad guys) and Anton Yelchin and Rachel Nichols (she looks good in green. Don't pretend she doesn't) and Zoe Saldana and Simon Pegg and Bruce Greenwood and etcetera etcetera. And Zachary Quinto too, I guess, even though I'm thoroughly ashamed of my Spock love (damn you for being so spot on, Zachary Quinto. Damn you).

Leonard Nimoy, eat your heart out. (...okay, that's a lie. I love Leonard Nimoy, too.)

I broke my video game-less streak yesterday, at long last. After I cleaned my kitchen and such, I had a burning need to slay monsters. Thusly, FFXII made its way back into my PS2 and we had a jolly time traipsing through the Golmore Jungle and dominating all of the little beasties. Then I ran into two of those super-rare beasties and dominated them, too, and felt very good about myself. Never mind that I used long Quickening chains to do it. Pretend that fact doesn't exist. Pretend I can beat beasties on my own merits and not on the heels of the SUPAH SPECIAL ATTACKS, as I am too terrified of being murdered by the super-rare beasties to try it without said SUPAH SPECIAL ATTACKS. So that was an hour well spent.

...could this livejournal post be any dorkier?
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Sometimes I think my neighbors across the way shoot off fireworks just for the sake of the fireworks. Then again, they could be celebrating St. Jean Baptiste Day, although I'm pretty sure they aren't Canadian, so maybe not.

I spent all of today just relaxing... and playing FFXII. Because Jebus. Balthier~! I think I only love him because of Fran (who needs more lines, by the way. Love. Her.), but I just learned a little bit about his past and squee~ His internal drama just makes me all the happier. Go figure.

Yep, that's all I have. Sleep tonight, work tomorrow, and full speed ahead!
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Item 1: I had forgotten the lj nudge function existed until [livejournal.com profile] mortenavida sent one my way. It's the first nudge I've ever received. This is also probably the longest I've ever gone without updating my journal. That says something about me, I think. Yes, it's been a while. I'm sorry. I haven't really felt like being at the computer that much lately.

Item 2: This is my 1,996 journal entry, and my journal will officially be five years old on February 6. I might do something to celebrate the 2,000 entry, or the fifth lj birthday, but I doubt it. As I'm sure you've all figured out by now, I'm not much of one for 'effort'.

Item 3: It's snowing, for the first time so far this winter. I love snow, and cold, and just about everything that goes with this season. Today it started snowing and, pansy that I am, I started to cry. Wooo, emo.

Item 4: I heard on the news last week or so that scientists/geneticists/doctors/whatever have done extensive studies on twins to show that said twins often interact in the womb (they play-fight, for example). Further studies have created the theory that left-handed children probably had a vanishing twin. Since I and my youngest brother are both left-handed, this made my mother a little antsy, and got me a bit interested. Further Googling didn't reveal much, but I did find this and this. I've also discovered, through this research, that most twins are (supposedly) left-handed. I found this odd, as most of the twins I know are right-handed. Hm...

Item 5: I went to the MVA yesterday to get my driving license renewed, and actually had a good time. I waited in line for about fifteen minutes, then sat down with a poor woman who had had the worst day ever (at least one person yelled at her, while I was watching, for something she couldn't control, so I don't blame her. Poor lady). I was feeling a little bit social, so I had a good conversation with her, and I managed to make her laugh a few times (by promising to lock the doors when I left so no one else could get in, and responding to the "do you have any physical or mental disabilities that could impair your ability to drive" question with something snarky like "well, not really, but I'm trying to plead insanity for this murder charge I got a few years back, so..." and silly things like that). When it got time to finish up the licensing, she took a quick look at the picture we'd taken, shook her head, and told me to sit back down, as I "deserved better than that". I thought that was funny (the picture didn't look that bad to me!), but I did as I was told and wound up with the best license/ID picture of my life. Yay! See? It pays to be nice.

Item 6: I've been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XII these days. I'm not very far in, as I really sort of like to just run around, beat stuff up, and make fun of the beasts when they die (they make noises~!), but I'm doing pretty well. (I've just gotten into the Rabanastre Palace for the fete, for those who've played the game. I stopped playing in favor of crying over the snow. Emo~ooooo...) My Pirate's Horde or whatever has three little trophy things, and when I showed them to my brother he was all "...you suck. You're not supposed to get those until you're in such-and-such a place". It was oddly delightful.

Item 7: If I eat anymore peanut butter M&Ms, I will probably explode. And yet here I am, prepared to venture out to the grocery store (in the snow!) just to get more. Pathetic? Yes. Yes indeed. I would much rather have Smarties, anyway. Not those crap sugar Smarties that they sell here, either. I mean these Smarties, which are easily the Best Candies Ever. They must be -- M&Ms were based off them.

Item 8: I miss my kitten like crazy. A lot of you probably don't understand why or just think it's pathetic, since it's been over two weeks since I found out he was dead (seventeen days, actually. Rather, sixteen days and twenty-one hours.), but I do. Not having him around is really hard for me, and it's doing some really weird things to my state of mind. Which is dumb, probably, but it doesn't feel dumb. So I apologize to all of you in advance if I'm distant or unreasonably insensitive or any of that. I'm trying to get things back to normal, but some nights I have dreams where it was some other cat that was run down in the road, and my kitten comes back, and then I spend the next day expecting to see him running around a corner or climbing up onto the couch to hang out with me, or when I look up at the back porch as though he's sitting there waiting to be let in. And it's silly and pathetic and probably more masochistic than it should be, but it's how I'm dealing with things right now (or, rather, making things worse for myself), and that's just how it's going to be. So I'm sorry. Really. Just... be patient with me. Please.

Number 9: ...there is no Number 9. I just like to throw in Beatles' references every now and then.


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