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...still freaking out about this writing thing. Now I have a kitten lying across my chest, though, so that's fun. He's happy, at least. If I could solve the writing dilemma, my night would be made.

So here's what I'm going to do.

Comment with a brief, brief prompt, and I'll write anything from three sentences to three paragraphs of story in reply. It's not quite fiction or anything, but maybe it'll jumpstart my brain. (And if this doesn't work, guys, I'm just going to sulk for, like, a week.) No promises that it'll be good, but I'll do these until either (a) my brain kicks into gear or (b) I go to bed.

Prompt, my pretties, prompt! Oh, and feel free to tell your friends. I don't care. The more, the better!
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...I want to buy new clothes, but really should be saving the money for the house and stuff. Urgh. Stupid priorities. Ann Taylor LOFT, stop looking so damned appealing.

For those not in the know, I write a certain number of pages every day -- usually. I've been so busy lately, though, that I've fallen forty-six pages behind. So I desperately need to write, but, once again, have been struck with the block bug! So here's the deal: anyone to comment with a prompt gets a story, which I'll post here as a reply. Any fandom (provided I have some base familiarity with it; original stories are fine, too), any theme, any rating. This will continue all night, until I either run out of steam or catch up on my page count.

Ladies and gentlemen, prompt me. Prompt me like you've never prompted me before.

Edit: I realized I should probably keep a running page count. So far I have 58 pages out of 46 54 58 64 80 100 screw that noise.
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Those of you who are Harry Potter fans (or, as I do, treat HP as your occasionaly guilty pleasure) might enjoy this discussion To sum, [livejournal.com profile] mortenavida found an article that pontificates over the possibility of McGonagall being a spy, and we, the members of her flist, are now discussing the likelihood of that. Personally, I'm not convinced, but I also can't help but look at this from a this-is-a-story-not-a-real-person point of view and am thus treating everything as being necessary to move the plot forward (or accidents in writing, but shhh). The psychology-nut in me won't be awake for a few more hours, so I won't be able to jump into McG's head and root this one through for a while.

Ugh. Happy Wednesday, everyone. It's too early for this. *yawn*
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Meme answers~! Answers to the DRABBLE MEME, in fact! And? This finishes up the meme! The first five are here, the next four are here, and the previous three are here. Below are the remaining four. Enjoy, if you dare!

For [livejournal.com profile] iamnotvoldemort: Harry Potter. Harry/Ron/Hermione porn. (I am such a dirty girl.)

Harry Potter: Testing )

For [livejournal.com profile] bakaduoneko: Gravitation. Tatsuha/Hiro. Hiro plays the guitar and Tatsuha sneaks up on him.

Gravitation: The Benefits of Sneaking Around )

For [livejournal.com profile] pikachu_goddess: Gravitation. RyuichixHiro, NC-17.

Gravitation: Best Served Hot )

For [livejournal.com profile] photoash: Gravitation. Fat!Eiri.

Gravitation: Fat )
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Several weeks ago, [livejournal.com profile] endaemion and I agreed to do a gift exchange. I would write her a fic of her choosing and she would draw me something wonderful. Said exchange has finally occurred. ^.^ She drew me a comic featuring Eiri, Shuichi, and Bad Sex. In return, I wrote her a short Harry Potter fic -- featuring Remus Lupin and Harry Potter.

I'm such a bad girl.

Title: The Potion
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is obviously not mine, nor is it my fandom of choice, but Leilla asked for a Remus/Harry fic, and Leilla always gets what she asks for. She's amazingly persuasive like that.
Warnings: Potentially skeevy boy-boy relationships. No pedophilia, yo. Age everyone by about four years and make us all happy. ^_^
Author Note: For Leilla, who is the shizzle on my nizzle.

Fic: Potion )


In other news, Endy has also made a website! The Endy McWebPage needs your support in order to reach its full awesome potential. Endy is a great artist with a wondertastic sense of humor, and you should all give her the lovings as appropriate. Just to accentuate this point, I am using the following cut-text and changing the link so it leads to her site instead of to her journal.

The Art of Endy McPants
just when you thought you had enough love...


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