Le job.

Oct. 27th, 2006 04:41 pm
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You guys know the saying "You can't get a job until you have a job"? Well, it apparently holds true -- today I turned in my two weeks' notice for the spice company, as I was offered a position as an editorial assistant for a publishing company.

Turning in the resignation was a lot less horrible than I thought it would be. The fact that I had to do it twice (I turned my resignation with notice to Careers -- the staffing agency -- yesterday afternoon) certainly didn't help my nerves at all, let me tell you. Now I've just got to worry about telling the co-workers with whom I'm actually friends. ^^ That'll be Monday's project. Most people have already gone home for today. Nevermind that I turned in the resignation around noon and everyone was in the office at that point in time. That's not important.

My last day at the spice company is November 10th, although D. from Careers claims that they often let people go early, once all their work is complete. I have two projects near completion right now, but then I'll be done. I don't know if I'll be let go then or no, but whatever. My last scheduled day is the tenth. I start the new position on the following Monday -- the 13th.

Anyway. I just wanted to let you all know. ^^
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Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. In case you hadn't guessed it by all the pirate paraphenalia around eljay, I mean. ^^ Consequently, I'm using my writing-pirate icon, even though I have no decent writing for you all today. Sorry~!

It is also the day I had my interview with the latest staffing company of choice. I did not talk like a pirate for my interview, although I'm sure at least one of the three people I spoke to would have appreciated it. He looked like he needed a smile. Anyway. I had to fill out lots of papers, take a few tests (including a typing test -- I apparently type 92/wpm when I'm being careful -- I also scored super-well on accuracy, although I don't remember the number. I wish I could find out my typing rate for when I'm not being careful, but then my accuracy would probably go down considerably). After the tests were finished, I went back to my comfy waiting-room seat and the desk-guy read through my scores. When he got to my typing score, he told me it was the highest he'd ever seen and asked if I wanted to take some data entry tests, too. (I'm not sure how impressive "highest he'd ever seen" is; I have no idea how long he'd been looking at typing scores.) I did take the data entry, and while I wasn't fantastic at the tests, he said I was better than average. That made me feel good, as I like being "better than average".

Um. After those tests, I spoke with a staff representative, who went through a few things, asked me a few questions, and gave me an idea of what the service is for. All in all, it was a successful venture -- I have a great deal more confidence in this place than I ever had in the previous agency with which I spoke.

My to-do list is still pathetic. Most of what's on it consists of writing, going to the post office, and firing missiles. I'll have to catch up on that soon.
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I have an interview tomorrow with a staffing agency that's looking to fill positions in Baltimore and Carroll County. *rubs forehead* We'll see how that pans out. The last staffing agency with which I interviewed turned out to be wholly unreliable and never sent me the information they promised. Ah, well. This place at least seems more reputable, based solely on what I saw from their website.

Their office, however, is in the middle of bumfuck. Well, that's not true. It's actually in a very busy and well-populated area (in the same shopping center as a Panera Bread, according to the guy who called me this morning, and across the street from a funeral home). I just don't like having to cross the inner loop, that's all, and I don't think I have any real choice. Luckily, the time should be more or less on my side; I think I'll miss most of rush hour. I hope.

I vomited my brains out today. It wasn't that much fun, but I felt immensely better afterward. ^_^ I had a horrible headache, you see, but then it went away after the regurgitation process was complete. Maybe I should induce vomiting every time my head starts to hurt from now on... Although that would probably wind up being a huge disappointment. Anyway, I've pretty much decided that my moment of sick was caused by my lunch's inability to commit to staying in my digestive track. I did discover a few interesting things regarding tomatoes, however. ^_^

...There's a car alarm going off down the street. Anyone who has seen my house or knows where I live will be as amazed by that as I am. I didn't even know any of my neighbors had a car alarm. What are they worried about? That a cow is going to break into their vehicle and go joyriding through the corn fields?
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When I'm at my computer desk, Junior likes to walk along the very edge of the desk so I can't see the screen (or type, if I have the keyboard on the desk and not in my lap). My favourite thing ever is when he slips off the desk and falls into my lap, then tries to pretend like he meant to do it by curling up and feigning sleep.

Best kitten ever. ^_^ I need to take more pictures of him. Pictures that I can share, I mean. I take pictures on my phone (as that's the closest camera handy), but I have no way to upload them. So, yes. I need to steal my dad's digital camera (...or buy one of my own, I guess) and capture some of his "moments" for you guys.

I had my first fencing class of the session tonight; it was great fun. I happened to mention to J that I do freelance webwork, and he told me to talk to K (one of the other instructors) about helping him maintain the site they have for the fencing program. I talked to K about it later, and he told me he'd contact me later on. So yay! (J also said something about my helping coach some classes on Tuesdays, but K doesn't know if that's possible -- he has to talk with the people in charge to find out. I wouldn't get paid for that, but I might get some free fencing lessons out of it -- and it's definitely good experience.)

After the lesson, R (a third instructor) came up to me and mentioned that I should try applying at another company (I think he works there?). J mentioned it, I think, but R gave me the website URL and told me to check out a few specific departments. So yay!

On another note, I have to do site work for both my own site and the Junior Editions site sometime soon. Sad. ^^ However, I might go see a movie with my mother tomorrow as a celebratory thing (she finished the newsletter, which is, essentially, what I wind up putting on the website) for her and a "Haha, you have more work to do!" thing for me. ^^ We'll see.


Sep. 12th, 2006 11:02 pm
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Men See You As Choosy

Men notice you light years before you notice them
You take a selective approach to dating, and you can afford to be picky
You aren't looking for a quick flirt - but a memorable encounter
It may take men a while to ask you out, but it's worth the wait

Hm. I guess that sounds about right. ^^ I'm picky, but I don't know if I can afford to be. *coff* I'm not exactly prime choice.

Riiiight. What was I saying? Um. Hm.

Writing front! Things have been slow. I've been working through the drabble and the five things memes, but it's slow. I'm getting there, though, so just be patient. I'm hoping to have a a few of at least one of those up by the end of the week.

The job hunt is still on. And slow. ^.^ But that's all right. I'm not desperate for cash, and so far I'm managing.

This is my second day without chocolate. It's actually a great deal easier than I thought it would be, although I'm sure it'll start to be hard again in a week or two, when the Red Death hits. Right now I'm trying to use tea as a substitute -- it seems to be working.

I'm all out of icon space, sadly. ^.^ I have 134/134, and that's a shame, as I actually feel like doing some iconning. This is influenced, I think, by my having learned how to colour icons. >D That's right. Thanks to a tutorial [livejournal.com profile] pereppi found me, I have become an icon colouring machine. (Never mind that I've only done it once. *coff*) It's fun, in that pain-in-the-butt kind of way.
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Today I helped [livejournal.com profile] domacatrix move into her new apartment. It's a pretty nice place -- she lives with people, she has a good bit of floor space, and it's in a good area. She won't have internet access until next week, granted, but I think she'll do well for herself. Also, I got to see Joan's grandmother, who is as amazing as ever.

I applied for a good number of jobs this evening. Um. Some of them looked really cool. A few looked like crap. We'll see how everything works out, I guess.
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Gripe gripe gripe. Looking for jobs is truly a sucktacular thing.

Junior's surgery went off without a hitch, of course. I called the animal hospital around three and they told me he'd be ready to come home at five, so I was there about ten after to pay, fill out the rest of the forms, and pick him up. He was not a happy kitten for a little while -- the drive home was successful in that he did not get car sick, but otherwise it was not fun. Once he was home, he acted a bit like an old man for a few hours. He got over that quickly enough, however, and once he was feeling better I presented him with a brand new toy -- which he now loves to death. I'm not sure what the appeal is, but he's loathe to let that horrible thing go. I guess this means I'll have to buy him two or three more -- when he finds a toy he likes, he rips it to shreds very quickly. Um. He's pretty much all better today. The cuts have healed (the vet said they would overnight, and she was right) and he's back to his old self -- if a little lighter. All in all, the operation cost me seventy-eight dollars (because I had the Animal Advocates forms and such, which means I got a discount) -- a huge difference from the original price, which was two to three times as much. Also, he had to get a rabies shot, so the price of the shot was included in the total. I mailed off the certificate to Allegany county today, so they should be refunding my fifty-dollar deposit sometime in the near future. Yay, money!

Speaking of money, today I received a paycheck for the freelance work I've been doing. Squee. This coming week, I must close my checking account at the SB (an account I had only because it was a readily available bank up at Frostburg; it is not so easily accessible here) and open a new account at my local bank. I'm hoping to link it to one of my savings accounts. Since, you know, I'm not longer getting any checks directly deposited into my checking account. *groan* It was so nice, having the tutoring gig at FSU and not having to worry about that...

First, though, I must pay my credit card bill. And my cell phone bill. Argharghargh. Since David (my brother) is unemployed for the moment, it's essential that I get him the money for the phone as soon as possible (we have a community plan, and it's all in his name). I don't want to drive to his school, however, and I can't mail him a check until I have my new checking account -- otherwise he'll get charges and blahblahblah. He can wait on the money for a little while, I guess.

On the writing front, I'm not doing so well. As usual. I don't know if it's because I broke my routine or because I'm genuinely feeling uninspired, but I haven't really been writing at all lately. It's sad, really, but it happens. This may or may not change today, as I'm feeling a little creative. Mostly, I'm just feeling a need to avoid my brother and his friend. Oh! On the other hand, I do have a few great characters formulating in my brain -- which means that I'll have well-developed people to put to paper (once I've finished Aristeia -- I refuse to start another Big Project until after that's finished. That ever-growing piece is also part of the reason why I have written very little fanfic as of late).

I'm especially proud of one character, who will probably play a very minor rule. He may also act as my hopefully subtle plot device (hahaha). We'll see how that works out.

I've been trying out the new livejournal navigation system, and I guess it's okay. I can't find anything yet, but I'm slowly getting used to it. I guess. I may eventually just give up and switch back to the older system. Er. Assuming I can figure out how to do that. ^^ There are lots of new links to follow.

...my livejournal needs a new layout. *sigh* Maybe I'll get started on the El Dorado theme I was thinking about doing a while back. That could be a nice change.
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Since I haven't finished my fic meme, the last thing I need to be doing is another one. But this one, which I stole from [livejournal.com profile] domacatrix, just looks fun.

You post a topic, list, category, whatever, in my comments section. (examples: "Five Phrases Batman Will Never Say", or "Five Jobs House Wishes He Had" or "Five Things Dean Will Never, Ever Tell Sam"). Then, in a separate post, I'll post the answers to your Top 5 ideas, according to me. Serious or fun!

Maybe if I'm feeling creative, I will turn my answers into fic drabbles. As, you know, demonstrations. Also, feel free to request up to five.

In other news, I am still unemployed (not counting the freelance website stuff), still writing-challenged, and still using my time primarily to rp, do beta work, and play with the kitten. I'll work on that, promise.

My mother's birthday was yesterday. This was also the first day of high school for my youngest brother and the day we moved my elder younger brother back into college. I helped with neither, as I am a horrible person. I did try out a new shampoo and conditioner, however, so I can't say that my day was wasted. ^_~ Um. We later discovered the Willow, my mother's cat who is well over thirteen years old, has a loose tooth on her bottom palate. Like, seriously loose. Hanging-out-of-her-mouth loose. There was a brief debate as to whether or not we should call the vet, but, in the end, we figured she was just getting old, my mother pointed out that she's been eating quite gingerly, and we decided the tooth would fix itself. Fun times.

Earlier this weekend, I re-dyed my hair, and I meant to post about it a little, but I forgot. The reason I forgot may or may not interest you. I changed my interweb homepage from a Google thing to an AwesomeStart page akin to this. The fun part about this new page is that I can have customized links on the bottom. One of my customized links sends me over to my ElJay f-list, so I don't have to go to the livejournal homepage at all. Since I never go to the lj homepage anymore, I rarely look at the 'update' button. Thus, I forget to update.

It's genius, really.

Edit: Tornado watch, yay! ^_^ I love weather!
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Yesterday was a really good day. My mother returned from some school breakfast thing to tell me that one of the parents there had, upon overhearing that I was an English major looking for more work, asked if I might be willing to edit a manuscript. She gave the lady me email, and although I have not heard from her, that does sound interesting. I also received a letter from the Allegany County literary journal, telling me that one of my poems was selected for publication. That was pretty sweet. Then, to top things off, I got an email from Jamie regarding the referral he gave me at his place of business, and apparently the person he talked to thinks I'm worth looking into. Possible employment? Sweet. I also managed to catch up on some of the long list of beta work I had yet to finish (oops?), complete a few pages of the August newsletter for the Junior Editions site, and fit in a load of rp time. I like rp time. ^_^

Then, in the evening, I was caught in the grips of the Red Death, and the day slowly went down the sinker. It has continued into today, apparently, as today, so far, has been rather blah. Insomnia plagues me once again (per usual), and Junior was no help. He decided it would be fun to knock things off shelves and into the bathtub every time I started to nod off. I finally got some real sleep around seven o'clock until about nine-thirty, when my mother came up to tell me that Junior had gotten outside again, and that she wasn't going to chase him down because she was in a nightgown. My being in boxer shirts and a camisole was better, of course, so I got to go outside and pick up the kitten. (It took all of two seconds. He was so shocked to see me out in the sun, I guess, that he just had to stop and stare.) This was fine, until I went back to lay in bed and wound up cramping like a fish on land. (Do fish cramp? I must look into that.) Blahblah, I feel like crap, today sucks.

But it will improve. Once [livejournal.com profile] pereppi is here, we will be heading into Rockville to kidnap [livejournal.com profile] domacatrix from her place of business, and then a movie-going we shall go. I will be sure to OD on painkillers beforehand to ward off any Red Death-induced crampage, and then perhaps I will be presentable. *heart*

Joan is going to be looking pretty because she had to work, and Lauren is going to be looking pretty because I told her to. Me? I'm going to look like a bum, simply because I feel too lousy to dress up. Whatever. I will tell them that I'm there to make them look better and we will be a happy, happy trio.

edit: This day just keeps getting better and better. I just found out that Maynard Ferguson died yesterday. Sad. I really liked him; he's a nice guy, and he was supposed to be returning for a show at Glenelg in November.

...for those of you who are new to my journal, I promise I'm usually not this emo. *facepalm*
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[livejournal.com profile] sliefoxx over on [livejournal.com profile] gravi_muse_meet asked around to see if anyone had the piano version of Gravitation's "Sleepless Beauty", and while I didn't have exactly what she wanted, I figured I'd put what I did have up for download. Thus, a Mega Music Download! Do enjoy it. (Please note: most of these songs are from Gravitation, yes, but a few are simply ones I like by Seki Tomokazu. Um. Live with it?)

Angel Dust
Blind Game Again
Break Through
Easy Action
Fake Star
Glaring Dream
In The Moonlight
Jurenaru Kisetsu
Love Stuff
No Style
No! Virtual
Rage Beat
Shining Collection
Sleepless Beauty
Sleepless Beauty [Piano Mix]
Smashing Blue
Spicy Marmalade
Super Drive
Sweet Sweet Samba
Welcome to My Romance
Yuutsu no Seven Days

I thought about putting these all together in a zip file, but I got lazy. So whatever. And if the links die or they go over the limit, let me know and I will attempt to re-upload.

Right, so. Tonight I drank a loooot of tea (Tropical Green, for the most part. Hrm.) with [livejournal.com profile] pereppi and [livejournal.com profile] domacatrix, then the three of us hung out for about an hour and a half while we waited for Accepted to open its doors. When it did, we laughed for hours. Because, well, the movie is good. ^^ Not really something I would force my mother to watch or expect her to enjoy, but I really liked it. And I'm okay with that. ^_~ Oh, oh! And [livejournal.com profile] pereppi got me gifties -- EnlightenMints (which may or may not actually cause enlightment; we don't know for sure) and pretty chopsticks with fish on them. ^_^ Oh, the fish obsession. Will you never end? (Probably not, no.)

In other news, I need to find myself a real job. *sigh* Doing freelance website work isn't going to cut it for much longer. And? I'd kind of like to use that pretty piece of paper I got from that university thing I attended. So do me a favour and start shaking down your employers to see if they have any positions available -- the job hunt is back on!

(Note: Don't actually shake down your employers. They will not appreciate it, and it probably wouldn't do me much good anyway. ^^ But thanks for the thought.)
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I took my youngest brother to his fencing class tonight. This was nice, as I haven't been down to the House in over a year and I missed Jamie and everybody. While I was watching the class, I asked Jamie if he'd mind if I did a drop-in program -- basically, I would be able to fence whenever I show up without having to pay for sessions I won't be attending. He said that was fine, which is great news for me. I never turn down a chance to hone my skills. ^_~

Jamie eventually asked me what I had been up to, so I told him I'd recently graduated from the university and was looking for a job. He proceeded to go around the room and ask every adult in the class if their respective work places were hiring writers or editors. He eventually found one woman whose company (a contracting firm) was interested in finding new people, so I got her business card and the like and was told to contact the HR tomorrow. Jamie also wrote down some information for his agency and told me to check it out and, if I applied, to let him know so he could give me a referral and guarantee that someone at least looks at my resume. Which is nice.

The best job searches are without a doubt the ones for which I don't have to do jack-all. Having connections is definitely a plus. ^_~ And, to make matters even more wonderful, I can start fencing again in two weeks. (Oh, how I've missed getting to jab at people with foils.)

[livejournal.com profile] domacatrix finished her papers last night, so she, [livejournal.com profile] pereppi, and I went out to lunch to celebrate. It was nummy, and your waiter even snuck a bite of our shortcake (at our request). Thanks, Joan. That was some good eating.

Ah, I also got a Vox the other day, for no reason other than I received the email and went "...Okay." You can check that out here if you want, although there's nothing much there but a welcome entry, something about how I have to castrate Junior, and a repeat of the post you just read. Um. If anyone wants an invitation to Vox, let me know and I'll stick your email on the list. Then you can join me in having a semi-useless journal. (Maybe I'll do something nifty with it. Um. Writing journal or something. Or it could be, if I decided to post any of my original work online ever again. Which I probably won't. Um. We'll see.)
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[livejournal.com profile] fish_follower got typhoid fever, [livejournal.com profile] domacatrix is finishing up a paper, [livejournal.com profile] psychoteffy has a gorgeous new layout, [livejournal.com profile] iniq posted a Trowa!characterization I could die for, [livejournal.com profile] kuchizuke got her diploma, and everyone else is generally wonderful. How can I compare to that? XD

No news on my cousin yet, although the phone rang several times this morning. So while my mother and youngest brother may have heard news, I was busy trying to catch a few hours more sleep and thus have heard nothing. No updates since yesterday on that.

I owe [livejournal.com profile] wicked_pistil a fic commentary, and I will get to that in short order -- I promise. I have to suffer through a job interview first, sadly, but I'll get to that as soon as I have a free moment to re-read my own writing and then write up a write-up for it. ^.^ It's such a process. ^_~

[livejournal.com profile] thecleric007 wrote some commentary for "Show and Substance", a Gravitation fic I absolutely adore simply because it throws K-san and Noriko together and still makes sense. Hurrah for that.

Also in the Gravitation world, [livejournal.com profile] iwakura posted a ficlet called Photo Shoot on Gurabite a few days ago, but I suck at life and only noticed it when she pointed it out to me. It's lovely in that direct-but-subtle sort of way and I wish I could write scenes like that. (I should practice my scene work. I'm pretty good with dialogue, but scene tends to throw me.) Rae also writes a fun drunk sixteen-year-old Eiri, for those who are interested. (For even more fun and confusion, read the comments to see little!drunk!Eiri speak to Tohmaface, older!Eiri, and Kitazawa Yuki.)

...I don't want to go to my job interview. *whine*
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Hehe. My kitten is getting to be so very big. He also needs his claws cut. Badly. I tried to do them earlier tonight, but someone started to set off fireworks and he got spooked, so I only got four out of eighteen done. *sigh* Maybe I'll get them tomorrow during his naptime.

Speaking of cats, I no longer have to take care of my neighbors' cat! They returned from Arkansas earlier today, so all I need to do is drop off their house key and that's it! Hurrah! Now I only have to clean two cat boxes every day! ^__^ (Speaking of which? I should get Junior's out of my room. He goes downstairs without my coaxing him now, so he's perfectly capable of doing his business somewhere that isn't my room. Ew, kitten.)

I have a job interview on Wednesday for a Technical Writing position. I'm actually just interviewing with a middle-man-esque kind of company, but there's actually a position in PG Country for which they are interviewing, so... We'll see. In any case, I need to take care of a few things before then, so I imagine I'll end up doing them tomorrow. Along with everything else.

Tomorrow morning, my youngest brother will be going to the DMV and trying for his driver's license. If he actually earns said license, I will be sure to warn everyone who may be driving in the area in the near future. (Honestly, though, he's not a bad driver. He just has some kind of strange love for the brake pedal.)

*SNERK* Sometimes I really wish I had a video camera so I could catch all of the silly things my kitten does and then share them with you. Most of you haven't been in my room (for good reason), but I have a bead-lizard tied to the string of my ceiling fan -- which is right above my bed. Junior just tried to catch it... and ended up falling off my bed. XD Way to go, Junior. That was actually really impressive.

I registered for Otakon today. ^_^ I'm slightly belated in doing so, I know, but it got done so blaaaah. Those of you who aren't close to the Baltimore area, don't have the money for a hotel, and don't mind a forty-five minute commute every day to the convention center, you will be able to stay at my house for the weekend. Just let me know so that I can give you directions and the like.

Anyway. I wanted to do some writing before bed, but then my internet browser started acting up and wasted my writing time! As it is, I'll just hope the muse happens to be extra generous tomorrow and go to bed. ^_~ At least this way I got some reading done. ^.^

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Pretty much nonstop rain in this side of the woods, which is okay with me. It means I have to carry an umbrella and that's okay because I "stole" the really nice one from my mother's van. *heart* I mentioned it yesterday when she and my father called from North Carolina, and she said I could keep it. Yay, awesome umbrella! ^__^ (How pathetic am I that the acquirement of an umbrella makes me happy? I need a life.)

I received a call last night from a travel agency that was interested in giving me an administrative assistant job. The whole deal sounded pretty nice -- I'd do the usual office stuff, then I'd be trained to monitor and maintain their website, and I could eventually become an agent and stuff -- or I could write for their online travel magazine. Paid vacation, etcetera etcetera whatever. They gave me a number to call if I decided I was interested. I ever called, if you were wondering; the agency is in Chantilly, Virginia, and that's a little far for me. Plus, it's not what I really wanted to do anyway. So whatever.

Sometime this afternoon, I received another phone call from a different company looking for an editor or an assistant editor or something, and two of their positions were telecommuting. I don't know if the woman actually will, but she said she would try to arrange a time via email for me to take their online test (to make sure I'm qualified), and if I pass that they'll interview me over the phone. The pay for that is really good, but it's a contract job, so it wouldn't last very long. (Which, actually, is okay with me.) We'll see if the woman actually emails me or no. ^.^

Shortly after that, I received a phone call from my brother (who had class today). A friend of his had extra tickets to tonight's showing of Return of Superman and asked David if he knew of anyone who wanted to see the movie. We were talking about the movie just the other day, so David called me. (Sometimes I think I have a nice brother. Then he does something stupid and I realize he's just a brother.) So I may be -- probably will be -- going to the movie tonight with David and his friends. It'll be deliciously awkward, I'm sure.

Then I received another phone call. This one was just a robot inviting my family to Governor Erlich's something or other to do with his reelection campaign and blahblahblahwhocares? I hung up on them. After that, the phone rang once more time but no one said anything, so I hung up on them, too. That felt even better.

I don't like the rain very much, but I think getting to hang up on people makes me feel a little better about the weather. ^.^ (I need a life. Oh boy do I need a life.)

Well, hugs and kisses to everyone. I need to clean a bit of the house before David gets home and messes it all up again.
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I woke up this morning to the cat, then spent a good hour hanging out in bed and thinking over my interview on Thursday night -- the one that got me a job. When I got to the point where he went "And the earliest you can start is the twentieth?" my brain realized that I should have said something more like: "Feasibly, yes, but can I have a day or so to think all of this over? To be honest, I'm tired and not sure I'd make a lot of good decisions in this state, so if I could just call you tomorrow..."

Then again, I didn't know his question would be followed by my getting the job. Ah, hindsight, how I love you.

Anyway, I figure waking up and immediately thinking up ways I could have gotten out of this job and/or can get out of this job is a Really Bad Sign. I mean, it's not a bad thing. The pay is fantastic, the in-company promotions are a really sweet deal, and the people were all wonderful... But it's soliciting, and I can't quite get my head around that. I mean, I hated going door-to-door to sell Girl Scout cookies back in the day, and people actually wanted those. Granted, I was a lot less outgoing then than I am now, but I remember hating that time of year oh-so-very much. And here I am subjecting myself to six months (or so) of the same?

There are perks to the job, of course, and I could do it without much of a problem. I have confidence in that. I think I could probably even get that management position relatively quickly, if I got and kept my butt in gear. (Most of all, I would feel like a complete loser if I called them and said "You know, on second thought, this doesn't really seem like the job for me. I'm sorry, but I think you'll have to find someone else." I think this is primarily because I did like my observing agent so much, and she fought really hard to have the manager interview me -- he was, I think I said, hesitant because I don't have any marketing or sales experience.)

So I don't know. I figure I'll discuss it with the family and some friends -- and you guys -- today and hopefully figure out what I'm doing. I don't like to give up without even trying, but every time I seriously think about this job, my stomach starts to twist a little. Maybe I'm not giving it enough of a chance, but maybe I really was tired enough to make an extremely poor decision. I don't know.

What I do know, however, is that my legs are stiff and killing me, and I've got to entertain today. *cringe* I should take something for that, or at least get my legs used to walking around again.


Jun. 15th, 2006 11:21 pm
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So... I got a job.

My interview today was simple, but took a looooooooooooooooooong time. Like, eight-hours long. Basically, they took me through a typical work day at an entry-level position. Turns out? It's door-to-door sales. I hung out for hours and hours with my observing agent (who was fantastic! I loved her) and shadowed her while she went through about a hundred people -- and even more houses -- to sell what looked to be some great ticket packages for the DC Nationals and the Bowie Baysox (a major league baseball team and a minor league baseball team). It was hard, and all I was doing was following her around! We walked several miles, received a lot of "no"s and a few "yes"s, and by the end of the day I had a good idea of what the position entailed. Is it ideal? No. Is it going to be hard? At first. Is there room for advancement? Hoooooyeah.

All promotions are done from within the company. There's a paid training period, then some partner-sales (basically what I did today, except I would probably be, you know, selling stuff), then I go out on my own. After a few months of all of that, I have a good chance of being promoted to an assistant management position -- which is primarily work within an office. After that, I could be promoted to an actual management position, and then those managers get promoted into regional managers and all of that. So it's about half a year of torturing myself with door-to-door sales and then being popped into a management position -- good deal.

Best of all, the people who work for this company are all around my age. They have a few interns who are teenagers (nineteen or so), yes, and the oldest person in this branch of the company (according to one of the other workers) was the guy doing all the interviewing, and he's about twenty-four. So... yeah. It looked like they all had a lot of fun, my observing agent told me that my feet will stop hurting eventually, and there's a lot of room for growth. Plus, my agent said that they have a lot of fun, especially in-office. She told me about a competition they're having in which the people who make the most sales get to cream the losers -- in that they actually get cream pies and throw them at whoever they want! It sounded like fun while I was out in the waiting area after my day of walking, so... Yeah.

Considering I didn't have any marketing experience, (as the man who interviewed me said) few of the skills (he was a little wary of hiring me because of that, but my agent gave him rave reviews and he liked my personality, so...), and they were only hiring one or two people today, I think I did well, considering. It's not ideal, but it's something -- and I can always leave if I decide it's not for me. I'm starting on the 20th, by my own request (is that a Tuesday?).

However, I'm tired and my feet hurt and I really just want to sit back and relax. Also? A little dehydrated. Must drink more water. Yes. Ta!
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I had an interview today with a marketing company. It was fairly uneventful, I thought. The office manager was wonderful and put everyone at ease before they stepped into the room (she has a MySpace addiction and was careful to make sure no one minded if she just-so-happened to open up to the MySpace window on her laptop whenever the phones weren't ringing and/or her supervisors weren't in the room), the wait was tolerable, and the interviewee was very nice. The questions were relatively easy to answer, too, which was good. For me. *heart* Anyway, I didn't think I did very well, but I was told before I left that if I received a phone call around 5:30 this evening, that was a 'congratulations, we want you back for a second interview!' kind of phone call.

5:37, I'm hanging out at my computer and contemplating taking a lie down (I have the impending-headahce again, but it's not actually a headache yet -- just the little bit of a hint at one, and that's completely different) and suddenly the phone rings. I'm horribly lazy about the phone, so my mother picks it up first. Turns out to be the man with whom I interviewed earlier, and he asked if I could go back to the offices tomorrow for another interview -- and to keep the whole day clear, just in case. I'm due back at eleven-fifteen tomorrow morning, and I should be prepared with a notebook, another copy of my resume, my references (I'm assuming), and some questions to ask. The basic stuff.

Ew, mornings.

Right, so that's my latest news. I'm not sure I want to work for this company yet, but it can't hurt to take a look at it -- and besides, they like me so far -- they would have to think I'm at least qualified in order to call me back. *heart* I'm okay with people liking me and/or thinking I'm qualified for things. It beats being hated and unqualified, y'know?

I owe two people betas. They will be done by the end of the night or I will personally shoot myself in the head with a Nerf gun. Promise.
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The headache is back, and this time it hit right before dinner, which wasn't pleasant. It's been persistent ever since, to the point where it made me take a nap earlier (not that that helped) and I'm still fighting it off. I took some advil about an hour ago, but no luck yet. I'm thinking I should just give up and go to sleep -- and I will, just as soon as I finish checking over my references and stuff.

Oh, right. I mentioned I had a job interview tomorrow, didn't I? Nothing special (except, you know, that it's an interview), but hurrah. I spent most of today doing last minute preparations -- buying shoes (because I hadn't before) and finding better paper on which to print my resume and references, all of that stuff. Sadly, it took longer than I expected and I wasn't able to go to the Aqua-arium with Joan and Rufus. I'm hoping we can move it to another day. (I feel really bad about not being able to go! I should never make plans on the same days as I plan to shop. Shopping always takes longer than I want it to take.)

I should sleep. This is sad, mostly because I planned to take care of some beta work tonight. My headache will not allow for it, however, so bah. (Sorry to those of you who are waiting for me to get betas back to you! I'll try to do them tomorrow.) I also planned to do fic tonight, and that isn't happening.

...I just lost another hair tie to my cat. Ah, well.

Gyah. Headache is coming back full force. Dammit. (I mentioned the headaches to my parents the other day, and my father presented the idea of a tumor. Thanks, Dad. He admitted it was an unlikely thing, but reeeeeeeeeh. T_T To slip back into old habits -- kowai desu ne~! Now I'm almost hoping it's a migraine!)
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One: [livejournal.com profile] regina_sama, I think your fic request may end up being more than a one-shot, as I promised. I think it may end up being a chapter fic. I think (if I'm lucky) that it also might be the fic that finally send me out of Gravitation!retirement. The quality of the first chapter is kind of meh, but I like where I'm going with it. If it doesn't send me out of retirement, at least it'll be fun cannon fodder for the livejournal. *heart*

Two: I received a call early this morning (about quarter 'til ten -- that's early for me!) from Seam Marketing, one of the companies to which I had applied this weekend. They set up an interview for me on Wednesday at one o'clock. I'm not altogether sure what the company does (aside from, you know, marketing) and given how many jobs I applied for earlier, I'm not sure what exactly it is I would be doing there, but it's worth a shot. If nothing else, it's good interview experience.

Three: Because we in the Hmhmhm family are horribly sadistic, we have not been letting Junior (the kitten) outside. This is only sadistic, really, because Willow (my mother's cat) is an indoor/outdoor cat, and she gets to go outside whenever she pleases. I felt horrible for Junior because of it -- he's so pathetic sometimes -- so today, while I was out, I bought him a harness, just to see if it would make a difference. I made a make-shift leash out of lanyards, fastened him, and took him out to romp in the yard. It took him a bit of time to get used to it, but he quickly discovered that the yard is a fun place to be, so I may have to go back to the store and get him a bigger harness (this one fits, but just barely). Who knows? Maybe this means he'll stop running toward the door every time it opens or shuts.

Four: ...There is no four. *heart* I love you!

Five: I should post a music download soon. I have the perfect song for it. ^_^
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I'm so lazy today. *stretch*

I was dead all of Sunday (possibly due to the excitement of car + Amie's party, possibly because my cat wanted to play) and spent yesterday out. [livejournal.com profile] pereppi, [livejournal.com profile] domacatrix, and I met at Lauren's house and then drove to Clarksville for some Mexican food. We alienated all the patrons of El Azteca and made friends with the server. Then we meandered down the street to check out the pet store and the hardware store. That done, we hightailed it back to Lauren's house to survey some rather pretty young men who were working in her basement. ^.^ Since Lauren had to work, we accompanied her and chilled with the horses. After a good half hour of that, Joan and I returned to my place, where we did some minor work (hahahano), ate dinner, and had a good time. *heart* Then there was the library, and things progressed from there. *shrug*

My shoulder hurts. Poor shoulder. *petpetmassage!*

Today I intend to tackle some of the things on my to-do list (below) and maaaybe do some more job searches. I really do need a job, if only because I know I'll go crazy with nothing to do all summer/fall/winter/the rest of my life. Eventually I also need to go shopping for better interview/work clothes. *facepalm* I'm going to miss going to work in jeans, I think.

The SAT people have yet to return my email, so I'm not sure I'll get an interview with them at all. NSA has yet to contact me (not so surprising). All in all, my job options are open!

Righto. The to-do list -- which I intend to finish by tomorrow(?).

[x] finish the beta work
[x] job search
[x] apply for a job(?)
[x] start drafting story for FSFSSC
[x] start writing story for FSFSSC
[x] get back into writing Aristeia
[x] take a look at chapter two of Catalyst
[x] get a little further in FFVII
[x] talk to Colleen re: site
[x] post a music download
[x] start the ficlet for Regina

...wow, that's relatively short. I guess I'll have to get used to short lists now that I don't have to add classwork and the like to it. Hm. Just as well, I suppose. Some of that stuff is going to take a while. Anyway, my top priorities are beta work (I promised to finish it yesterday), job search, and the FSFSSC stuff (since that's due by July 15).

I've seriously got to start writing more. >.< I started slacking while I was at school because, well, I had schoolwork, but now I have no excuse. It's time to seriously get back into my writing -- I miss it, and I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do.

To work!


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