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Seriously. He is. )

Clumsy!Kitteh was perfectly fine when I left this morning, and meanwhile I'm functioning exclusively on four hours sleep and as much junk food as I can stuff in my face.
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Babeh Kitteh had another seizure yesterday morning around five, but it's the first one he's had since we increased his medication back in late June, so that's something. Anyway, I called the vet (as I'm supposed to) to let them know, and then I went to work. When I got back, there was a message on my machine asking if I could bring Babeh Kitteh in to be weighed. A side-effect of phenobarbital is increased appetite, so they wanted to make sure he hadn't gained weight -- which could, logically, effect his medicine.

Long story short, Babeh Kitteh is the vet tech's golden boy, and he is better at maintaining his weight (10.4 lbs) than anyone else I know. And his meds are staying the same (for now).

I probably have more to say, but I can't think of anything. Honestly, I'm just exhausted. For no reason, really. I slept fine last night (and I even got back to sleep yesterday night, too, after Gus's seizure!) and I didn't stay up much later than usual, but I still had an incredibly difficult time dragging myself out of bed. I mean, difficult to the point where I considered calling in to work, which I never, ever do. My eyes actually ache from being open.

Maybe I'll duck out early today, go home, and take a nap. Y'know. Because there's nothing more important I could possibly be doing with my time. ;)
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» Fact: I am in possession of far too much yarn. This means I have a new goal for myself: stop buying yarn. Or, anyway, stop buying it at least until most of it is used up. The problem with this is that accomplishing this using-it-up goal means I have to knit things. I am less than good at that.

» OMG, could I be any more behind on story/fic prompts? Not even counting the sixteen (or so) from LAST YEAR, there are two outstanding from last week (one of which is finished but not typed -- sorry, [livejournal.com profile] punctuates!). I'm really just a loser.

» I have already made plans to go buy new yarn. Whoops.

» Because she is clearly made of evil and other good things, [livejournal.com profile] masteroftrouble managed to get me addicted to Hyperbole and a Half with a mere link to an icon. I stayed up very, very late reading old blog posts. THIS IS WHAT I DO WITH MY FREE TIME, PEOPLE. And I realized that I've actually been linked to and read many of the posts before but somehow never realized that they were all from the same place, or how amazing they could all be when read consecutively and at three in the morning. So there's that.

» I am overwhelmed by what shouldn't be an overwhelming weekend. This probably means there will be a to-do list in my future, which is ridiculous because it will be very short. I really don't have that much to do. It just feels like it because everything has to happen all at the same time. Maybe I will write the to-do list on my refrigerator's wipe board and hope for the best.

» It takes about 10,000 hours to get really good at something, according to something I read on the internet (the internet doesn't lie, right?). That's lots of hours.

» I'm really hungry right now, and I think it's because I only ate a handful of cranberries and some M&Ms for breakfast (cranberries and dark chocolate-with-a-candy-shell are good for me). This is bad, because it means I am thinking of the chicken breast I have defrosting in the refrigerator (because yes, I sometimes eat things that are not dried fruit and candy) and all the delicious things I can do it later. Right now I'm thinking about chicken curry, which would be awesome if I had rice. I'm pretty sure I do not have rice. Failing that, barbecue chicken sammich. Except I'm not sure if I have barbecue sauce. Dilemma.

» I am almost out of babeh kitteh's medication, and need to get a new bottle from the vet. I called it in, so now I'm just waiting for them to call me back. It's a race against time: they have until eight tonight. Or eight tomorrow morning, if I have enough for tonight and tomorrow.

» Speaking of babeh kitteh, he had two seizures last week. One was about two minutes long, the other lasted maybe thirty seconds. This means he gets an increased dosage of his medication -- thus why I already need more -- and that there is little hope of decreasing the meds any time in the near future. Sigh.

» One of my cabinet doors managed to injure itself. Um. Basically, the little plastic thing that keeps the cabinet door from all but literally adhering to the cabinet itself fell out, and now the cabinet door sticks like crazy. It requires massive pulling on my part to get it open, and it's only a matter of time before I (a) yank it from its hinges or (b) gruesomely injure myself. Although at least if (b) happens, the cabinet door and I will have something in common. And who doesn't aspire to have things in common with inanimate objects, really?

And that's the end.
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Operation DEBT (Dammit, Eat Better Things) is going fine. I slacked off a bit over the weekend, but overall I've been good about the fruits and the fruit juices and the fruit smoothies. I'm still awful about vegetables, but that's primarily because they're gross. I'm going to work on that.

Babeh Kitteh had a follow-up appointment with the vet last week to check his chem and blood levels (basically, to make sure he isn't getting too high a dose of his medicine) and everything came back normal. Normal kitteh is a (hopefully) healthy kitteh. He hasn't had any more seizures lately, but there's no way to tell if that's attributed to the phenobarbital or the timing. So far so good, although having to give him medicine twice a day every day is kind of lame for me. I'm really not liking the "Oh, sorry guys, I can't stay past ___ tonight. My cat gave me a curfew" thing. I mean, I own cats so I don't have to deal with this "have to be home to let the dog out/feed the birds/groom my howler monkey" stuff. And again, all that comes off as very selfish, I know, but still. Sigh.

Unrelated, there are a number of things I need to do but haven't done. This might be because of my lax attitude toward deadlines (whoops). So I'm going to set goals, with the first deadline being at the end of the week (Sunday, May 23). Will I accomplish everything? Probably not. But I'm damn well going to try.

This week, I will... )

And that's that, yo.
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Today was neurology day! Babeh Kitteh and I headed out early this afternoon after a ten minute struggle to get him into the carrier (Other Kitteh was all excited. He hopped right in and looked at me like "So where are we going? :D", and Babeh Kitteh ran the other way). The neurologist was very nice, though Babeh Kitteh wasn't too enthused about being poked and prodded and whatnot. Ah, well.

In short, all the tests came back normal -- so there's nothing obviously wrong, neurologically. He recommended putting Gus on phenobarbital. I checked in with my regular vet, who agreed that that would be her way, too, so I put in an order, picked it up an hour later, and then bought a crapload of canned cat food (the stuff is a liquid, and it's flavored -- I got tuna flavor -- so that it can be easily hidden in regular cat food and there's not as much chance of them spitting it out). I need to make another appointment for him in three weeks so they can check and make sure everything is going okay (that the dosage isn't too high or anything), but for now that's all. Hopefully this will do the trick.

And, personally, I hope we can eventually wean him off the stuff. This medication needs to be administered every twelve hours, and I'm selfishly already considering how that will impact me. Selfish selfish selfish.

I've so got nothing else to talk about right now. I'll try to be more entertaining in the future.
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Babeh Kitteh and I went to the vet on Friday, and it was relatively uneventful. The vet performed some basic tests, couldn't find anything particularly wrong with him, and recommended me to a veterinary neurologist across town. I have an appointment with said veterinary neurologist tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, though, Babeh Kitteh had two more seizures yesterday (one around four in the morning, lasting about two minutes, and another at one in the afternoon, lasting three minutes). The fact that there were two seizures in less than twelve hours -- and the fact that they seem to be getting longer, although that could be a time-keeping error on my part -- is a little worrisome. I'm hoping the neurologist figures something out. Or at least that there's a medication of some sort we can try to help control the seizing.

Babeh Kitteh does not seem to give two craps about the seizures, mind you. He has them, he gets a little disoriented for a few minutes, and then he's either really needy or remarkably antisocial for a few hours. So I guess that's a good sign. Le vet seemed to think so.

Work is still kicking my ass.

My grandmother's surprise party went over well. Having most of the family -- including those members that we usually only see over Christmas -- there was really great, and we moved G-mom to tears. She did get tired after an hour and a half or so and went to her room to rest, but I think she really did enjoy it. And it was a good time, overall.

All right, I need to get back to work. If I don't, I may never finish this stuff and then all my books will fail to publish on time and I will find myself unemployed, and I certainly don't want that to happen. To work!
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Babeh Kitteh had another seizure early this morning (about 4am). That makes two in two months, and it makes me very worried. Once again, he acted perfectly fine after the fact, but I've nonetheless set up a vet appointment for after work at my regular place (although not with my usual vet), so hopefully something will actually be resolved in this one (as opposed to the last time with the emergency people, when they said everything was normal and it likely would never happen again). If it's something relatively un-scary or something fixable, I may literally weep for joy. Living in fear of waking up to another kitten seizure is not a good way to be.

Hope hope hope.

In happier news, my grandmother turned ninety on the fourteenth. We're holding a surprise party (don't tell!) on Saturday, which everyone I've mentioned it to says is a bad idea. This claim is ridiculous, however, because she is tough and not going to keel over because of a family gathering.

I've got to get back to work. I'm still really behind on, well, pretty much my entire life.
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Posting here is way better than finishing my (way, way, way overdue) page proofs. Just saying. Also, I figured I had better knock off a few things.

» My grandmother has been in and out of the hospital for the past few weeks due to a stroke she had the Saturday before I returned from California, and she's now in a hospital strictly for physical therapy. I visited her once, when she was in the first hospital, and am way overdue for seeing her again. I'm going tonight. It's about time. I'm such a loser.

» Gus is doing much better. His blood work came back inconclusive (in that "Everything looks just fine!" kind of way, which I find a little frustrating), so as long as he doesn't have another seizure I'm going to assume everything is business as usual. So far so good.

» Script Frenzy is coming up. AGH. I am so not prepared for this year, and somehow I wound up doing two. Which is not a big deal -- they're both going to be incredibly fun and interesting and the like -- but April is sneaking up on me (IT STARTS ON THURSDAY WHAT THE CRAP) and I feel very not ready. This will change. I've a lot of practice working on the fly.

» I bought opera tickets (Armida) yesterday for a show in May. Squee. I also bought tickets to the Orioles' opening day (April 9) and to the local production of Phantom of the Opera. I'm getting my culture (and... local sports team?) on. Between that and book club and the flute festival, it's going to be a busy couple of months. But it'll be super fun, so yay.

» I found the best lemon cake recipe. Next on my to-do list is finding a good gluten- and dairy-free cake recipe. It's totally necessary. (Why do so many of my friends have crazy allergies?) I'm about ready to break down and query [livejournal.com profile] bakebakebake, since they'll probably have way better ideas/suggestions. That, and they probably know what they're doing.

» The best piece of punctuation ever invented was the interrobang. No one will dare argue with this, I know.

I know there's something else, but can't for the life of me think of what it might be. So I'm going to end this post while I'm ahead. Ta!
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So yesterday was one of those "Why is this happening?" sort of days. Long story short, I woke up around four in the morning to Gus (the babeh kitteh) having a seizure. I of course called the emergency animal hospital down the road, packed up Gus (who at that point was acting perfectly normal), and headed to the vet. After two hours of them examining him and taking blood and poking and prodding and the like, I took Gus home with the knowledge that (1) seizures in cats are not particularly common but they aren't particularly alarming so long as they don't happen often, (2) there's really no way of knowing what caused the seizure, although blood tests and the like can lend hints, and (3) the emergency vet thinks my cat is weird because he likes to roll around on his back. Also, it's very likely that the seizure was a one-time thing and will never happen again. Fingers crossed.

Whatever. I went to work. I held myself together long enough to get through a super-long, super-important meeting, and then broke down and went home. My mom came over (I have the best mom), made me dinner, and hung out even after I fell asleep on the couch. She went home, I messed about on the interwebs, and then I went upstairs and slept like the dead.

Gus is doing just fine. I'm still waiting to hear from the animal hospital about his blood work (it takes forever), but since he doesn't seem to be at all upset and hasn't had another seizure, I'm making myself not worry about it. I was definitely more overworked about it all than he was. Big surprise.

So that's the story. Today is going to be very business as usual, although I'll be bugging the animal hospital about Gus's blood work if they don't get back to me by this evening. I figure that's fair.

OMG, snow.

Feb. 8th, 2010 11:26 pm
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The snowpocalypse is upon us.

I think the grand total this weekend was somewhere between twenty-six and thirty inches of snow here in Baltimore, and the NWS is calling for another 10-20 between tomorrow and Wednesday. So that's fun.

The entire street banded together on Sunday to dig out our street, and I think I met more of my neighbors then than I have since I moved in. Which is pretty awesome. Also, it meant my street was a little less of a hazard; I ventured out Sunday night to pick up some Thai food (drunken noodles, wine, and the Superbowl: a good combination), and it was easily the clearest street in the neighborhood -- including the main road! So that's awesome, although I'd rather not have to go out and do it again tomorrow night or Wednesday.

Thai food aside, I'll admit there's a little bit of cabin fever going on here on my end. I actually tried to get to work this morning but got my car stuck trying to get to a main street. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers! It took about an hour, but they got me out of there and I went home. I'm working from home again tomorrow, although I'm hoping I can at least get to the main road so I can get the kittens to the vet, since tomorrow is their Big Day. I'm pretty sure I can get there. If the snow starts at noon, though, I'm a little bit concerned as to whether or not I can safely get them home.

We'll see how this goes. Right now I'm pretty sure I'm not going to make it to the office until Friday, at the very earliest (or until Spring. Whatever is easiest). Fingers crossed that that isn't in fact the case. I mean, I like snow, but this is a little too much all at once.

I need a kitten icon. Note to self.
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A few random things:

  • My mother bought me sleep-aids when I mentioned I'd been having trouble sleeping. She's the best mom ever.

  • I've started writing daily to-do lists in a tiny notebook I've dedicated exclusively to this purpose. I never complete said to-do lists. I've pretty much decided I don't care.

  • The kittehs are very excited about their upcoming vet visit. This is because I did not tell them what "castration" means, and because they can not reach my dictionaries.

  • I've decided to re-try writing a huge, epic story-thing I've been musing over for ages. I just don't know how to do it, exactly. Making notes (and re-reading my old notes) is on my to-do list, and has been every day so far this week. I have not done it. No one is surprised.

  • New recipe ideas: moo-shu vegetables, orange-sesame shrimp, hotty-hot-hot spare ribs. I've gone mad with power. And hyphens.

  • Baltimore Restaurant Week. Best (two) week(s) ever? Quite possibly. Have plans for Friday, and am making tentative plans for next Friday as well. Good times.

  • [livejournal.com profile] elevates owns too many scarves. Sixteen, apparently.

  • I have been knitting the same baby hat for over two months now. It is the baby hat that will never end. My next project will have to be done on HUGE needles so that it can be finished quickly and I can stop hating myself and my knitting, I think.

  • I am reconsidering The Novel From Hell. In that "I should really edit that" kind of way. My brother was supposed to help, but he's been completely loser-ish lately, so scratch that. I'll do it myself.

The end.
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Today I made a vet appointment to castrate the kittehs. They're very excited. Or, rather, will be when I get home and tell them to be excited. So that's fun.

Work is less ass-kicky than it was last week, which is wonderful. However, I need to remember how stressed out I was last week and stay on task this week. Which is difficult for me, because I'm made of fail (in case you didn't know). It helps that I finally finished the self-evaluation portion of my performance review, which I always turn into A Big Deal, mostly because I essentially say the same thing over and over and over again and run out of different ways to say it. Eventually it makes me feel like I've accomplished nothing, loser that I am, and completely kills my desire to go on. But it's over now. And that's good.

I am very hungry. And the weather is nice. I think this means the day calls for sandwiches.


I'm going to try my hand at making some barbecued ribs tonight. This will be new and exciting for me, partially because I very rarely cook any meat other than chicken (and even that is a rare thing). Also because I've never done it before and am probably going to set my kitchen on fire. That aside, I'm sure it will be delicious.

I have a to-do list for today that I haven't even started. I should really get on that.
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I made a chicken today. Well, a cornish game hen. This is only post-worthy because it's the first time I've ever made an entire chicken-esque thing, and I was impressed with myself. I got a small hen, but it was still enough chicken to last me for a few days. Or at least until I decide to use the broth (made from the carcass; I'm so resourceful) to make soup. So that was fun.

I realized today that I haven't gone ice skating since I was a kid, and that I really used to love it once upon a time. So my new goal-of-the-moment is to go ice skating sometime in the near future and see if I really do like it as much as I remember. If yes, I may actually invest in some goddamn skates and make it a regular thing. Could be fun.

This Tuesday, I'm heading to Boston with friend/coworker A. Eddie Izzard is doing an encore of his Stripped tour (seven US cities, one night each), and we managed to work our schedules and our finances so that we could go. It took some finagling, but we pulled it together (barely!) and it should be something of an adventure. Also, really, really cold. (What were we thinking? Boston in January? Brrrrrr.)

Have I told you all how cute my kittens are? They're cute. Adorable, even.

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The kittens' vet visit went very well. I absolutely adore their vet; she's professional and very obviously cares about the animals she treats, and the kittens were only a little put out by her prodding at them. Other than Shawn freaking out when the attendants went to draw blood for his FeLV test (Gus was an angel for it, and I had a good laugh over that one) and finding out that the boys are a little tubby (or at least going through a 'fat phase', which I also find funny), everything went well. They need to get a second round of shots next month, but I don't think that'll be an issue. Then, the month after that, we get to the neutering! They're already so excited.

There was also a flute concert. That was about what I expected. For said concert (or, rather, for the reception that followed) I made a cake and a blueberry cobbler-esque thing. The cake is pretty much gone. The cobbler... Well, I neglected to bring a spoon with which to serve the cobbler, and thus only a little was consumed. However, this is no terrible thing; I will have cobbler for a month and very likely hit 50,000 pounds around the same time my novel hits 50,000 words.

It's a good thing.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, things are... going. I'm barely at par for my solo project (I hit 15k last night) and not as far ahead as I'd like to be. I would like to hit 18k tonight but I get the feeling I'll be lucky to get anywhere near 17k. We'll see. And aside from that, I have fic idea. Why does fic idea always come during NaNo, when I don't really have time to write it?

Whaaaaatevs. I'll be cruising by [livejournal.com profile] punctuates's place tonight to drop off some yarn and to perhaps pick up some delicious chili spaghet (which is, if you aren't aware, the Best Meal Ever). Post that, my plans consist of DwtS (Team Donny! Team Kelly! Everyone else can fall on their faces!), trying to knit around the kittens, and working on NaNoWriMo. Big surprise there.

15110 / 50000

How was your weekend?
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Last night I dreamed I was watching Dancing with the Stars with my mother. Donny Osmond didn't do so well, so she called him up to reassure him that she still loved him and he didn't have anything to worry about because Aaron Carter was totally going to get voted off the island (direct quote) before him. I think this means that the season really needs to end. Or that I should stop talking about DwtS with my mother.

The kittens have their first vet visit tomorrow. They're excited, in that way that means they really don't know they have a vet visit or what a vet is or why they should (or should not) be excited. They also have decided it's more fun to push their water dish all along my kitchen floor (spilling water everywhere) than it is to just drink the water. That's mildly irritating, but workable.

Vet visit aside, it's going to be one of those weekends. You know. The weekends where I'm desperate for a little downtime. And because it's one of those weekends, I'm making a snapshot to-do list.

Because I can.

Oh, the things I'll do on Friday... )

Oh, the places I'll go on Saturday... )

Oh, the crap I'll get away with on Sunday... )
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NaNoWriMo starts in less than a week (!!) and I still don't know for sure what I'm going to write. I'm playing with a few ideas -- one of which involves zombies, but I wrote zombies two years ago so I'm not sure I want to do that again so soon -- and not really making any decisions regarding any of them. I have pretty well-established character profiles in my head for two of the ideas, so I guess those are the forerunners. Perhaps my NaNo plot is a coin flip away...?

The kittens expanded their territory to part of the second floor of my house (the hall and bedroom, but not the office). This is nice, because I woke up to two sleepy kittens curled up next to me -- which was awesome until I moved and Guster noticed and came up to lick the crap out of my face. Still, it's a grievance I can learn to live with. And they were very good, both nights that I allowed them upstairs, so I think it'll become a regular occurrence. Though they still aren't allowed up there during the day, when I'm not home. It's only fair.

I've really got to start knitting again. And baking and cooking and writing and reading and gaming and... Yes. I've got to get back into things. And I very much want to finish at least one of my prompts before NaNo starts. I'm about halfway through two of them, so it really shouldn't be as difficult as it is. I just can't get my brain into the right gear, but I'm working on it.

Me, over and out~
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Jeepers creepers, this week came up fast.

My vacation was a good one, and the visit with my aunt was actually a great deal less stressful than expected -- we had a pretty good time, all told. Saw the rock & roll hall of fame in Cleveland, and was totally overwhelmed by all the stuff they threw at us in one go. Enjoyed the Aerosmith wardrobe line immensely, and learned that Steven Tyler is not as tall as I imagined he was, but Joe Perry definitely is. Was in the car for well over thirty hours (not consecutively, mind you) with my mother, and listened to more Donny Osmond and Barry Manilow than was really necessary. I didn't have internet access for half of my trip, but did get a lot of good reading done. And, most importantly, I sated my need to just Get Away for a while.

Good times.

Anyway, I'm back now, and life resumes. In that "Crap, there's so much I have to do!" kind of way. Close to the top on that list is "buy groceries", as I think I have two eggs, an english muffin, and a frozen ham in my house, and that might be it by way of edible goodness. Which constitutes a pretty good breakfast (or breakfast-for-dinner situation), but won't do much by way of feeding me throughout the rest of the week. Not to mention tomorrow's lunch. I suppose I could live off cat food, but I'm not sure how the kittens would feel about that, all told.

And I need to visit an ATM. I really shouldn't forget about that (again).

Speaking of kittens (and spending money), it's about time to find them a vet and get all the kitten-y stuff done. Like leukemia testing (*bites nails*) and shots and neutering (bwahaha) and all that fun stuff. Poor kittens.

I realized this weekend how terribly unknowledgeable I am about eighties pop stars. This poses a problem (believe it or not). I should educate myself. But how? I don't have the attention span to watch VH1, and there's no guarantee they'll have an "I love the eighties" marathon any time soon. This really just won't do.

Wikipedia, here I come.


Oct. 7th, 2009 04:39 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] masteroftrouble! I have not seen you all day, and thus can only assume you are (a) working or (b) dead. If it is the latter, then I am very sad for you. If it is the former, then I am still sad for you but also have a question. ♥ Are we doing a collabo for NaNoWriMo this year (and if we do it, I think we should consider trying it in novel-novel form, and not what we usually do -- just to see if we can. However, I'm completely not opposed to keeping with our normal procedure)? If so, do you have any ideas? Maybe we can discuss that tonight/tomorrow.

Last night marked the third night the kittens had run of the first floor (instead of just the basement), and thus far the experiment has been an overwhelming success. I have a baby gate separating the first floor from the second, and they have only managed to knock it down once thus far (partially my fault; I was late getting downstairs and they got impatient waiting for me). The noise freaked them out and they ran to the basement for cover. They haven't tried it since. My furniture is all still whole, nothing seems broken, and all is well! We still haven't graduated to being out of the basement while I'm at work, but that should change soon enough -- possibly once I get back from Michigan...? We'll see. I'm really not sure how to pace all this, honestly. Small doses seems to work fine. The whole day might be disastrous. Especially if I add the second floor to the mix (I have no plans of doing so in the near future. At least, not yet).

Blaaah. I think it's time to go home.
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I decided to let the kittens have full reign of the first floor last night (usually they're confined to the basement whenever I'm asleep or away), just to see how they handled it. The answer is "not well", so they're back to basement-living for the time being -- or at least until this warm spell goes away and the nights start to get cold again. But there will be changes made, should that happen any time soon.

Grow up a little, tiny kittens. I don't want to lock you in the basement, but I don't want my pretty new house destroyed, either. :< Let me have my cake and eat it, too!

...which is really a silly expression, when you think about it. What's the point of having cake if you can't eat it? You could look at it, I guess.

My contact lenses are bugging me today. This is sad and unfortunate, and has already required one trip to the restroom so I could remove the lens (which had traveled -- OW) and reapply it to its proper place. I haven't had contact problems in ages, so this is a little not cool with me. And I've never had traveling-lens syndrome before. Maybe I screwed something up this morning when I put them in. I'll have to pay more attention tomorrow morning. Or start wearing my glasses. Blech.

Anyway, enough about me. How are all of you?


Sep. 16th, 2009 09:45 am
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I've decided to forfeit the PreNoWriMo project for this month. I mean, it's mid-month, I haven't broken 5,000, and I'm way too distracted by kittens to bother catching up. I feel a little bad about this, as I've never not completed a NaNo project, but I think I'll live. And if I manage in November, it'll be all good. So that's all right.

And did I mention kittens? I mentioned kittens.

See? I did mention kittens.


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