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Aug. 5th, 2008 07:52 pm
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I was looking through my folders last week and came across the beginnings of a story, on the top of which I'd scrawled "GOAL: finish within one year!". I laughed at that, then looked at the date: August 14, 2007.

So guess what I'm doing?

Yeah. I can't remember what the story was supposed to be about or why I started writing it, but I'm going to finish this thing within the prescribed year, damn it. It's my new goal. Granted, work and Otakon are both going to get in the way, but no matter. I can write on the light rail. I can write while waiting in lines. I can write during the anime episodes I honestly don't care about but went to watch just because my feet were killing me and it was time to sit down ( wouldn't be the first time)!

I have nine days. This is totally doable. Right? Right.

I might have to drink myself into a stupor, but I'm totally going to do this. Just like I apparently thought I would.
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[ profile] kalamitykat had me write Ouran smut for her. XD It's one of the worst smut cop-outs I've ever done (one of those "Hey, I'm not going to describe anything!" situations), but I still feel so dirty.

On a similar note... In spite of (or perhaps because of) NaNoWriMo, I've had the worst urge to write some very pointless and banal things. Mostly fanfic, I'll confess, because nothing says procrastination like "I'm too buggered to think up my own characters", but a few original things, too.

This is one of them. )


Jun. 24th, 2007 12:46 am
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I saw Little Shop of Horrors tonight with Laura and a few of her friends. It was pretty awesome. Our waitress wasn't the best, though; I had to wait a loooooong time between cups of coffee.

Back in January (before I realized that month was going to be uber-depressing for me) I promised three people I would write them something based on any prompt of their choice (reference). So far I've only finished one of them (ack), and I have to admit that I sort of copped out and deviated away from the prompt, but it's something. So here goes! The first of the Origifics, as prompted by [ profile] photoash.

Origific 1: Bamboozled )

Yeah. There's probably a reason that took me so long to finish. *facepalm* Well... One down, two to go!
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It turns out I have to give a lecture to the writing class on Thursday after all. Boo. (Still, I can arrange it however I want, Phoebe won't be around to criticize me, and the topics are fairly easy -- punctuation/grammar, MLA format, thesis statements, transitions, conclusion, and the development of paragraphs. It won't be that bad, right?)

Yeck. Maybe I'll just end class early and tell them to get over themselves and make appointments so I can address individual concerns instead of group concerns. I'm better one-on-one anyway; I've learned this via experience.

More good news! I finished my fiction draft for Senior Workshop, but it looks like it's going to consist of more than one part. That's not a bad thing, exactly, but it means that the story (which used to be called "Cat Nap" but is now Catalyst) is going to have to compete for my attention with Aristeia, the novel I've been working on since November. I think Catalyst is going to get the most attention from me for a little while, since I have ideas for it and all that. I mean, I know where I'm going with Aristeia, but I did take that break in December and February, so it has been harder to get into the story than it should be. (Plus? Catalyst is going to be shorter. Undoubtedly. Unlike in Aristeia, I don't have to, y'know, create a brand new world and all that. Stupid fantasy. Stop taking over my brain! *shakes fist*)

Fifteen minutes left of work, and I can't print anything out because Phoebe is on her lunch break and would be eying me the entire time. Hmhmhm. Okay. What can I do in fifteen minutes?

...okay, that was a stupid question, even coming from me. Drabble time! It's going to be Gravitation again, I think, because I do need to get the practice if I ever want to come out of hiatus. Here goes.

Gravi Drabble: The Din )

And now, ladies and gents, it's time for me to go home. Yay! ^__^
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We had to write flash fiction for Barkley's class in which we had to include a pop tart sitting on top of the television. The pop tart had to play a major part in the story. This is my cracked out uber-tired attempt. I apologize in advance; I'll probably rewrite it tomorrow.

Flash Fiction: Pop Tart )

Right. I still have lots of work to do for tomorrow, but I'm tired. I'll rewrite my flash!fic and workshop the poems tomorrow. And, if I'm really lucky, I'll be able to study for my Neo-Lit, French, or Shakespeare quizzes, too.
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I finished everything on my To-Do list and so, as promised, I am going to post some writing. I'd like to write something FMA-centric, but I don't feel I know the series or the fandom well enough to give it a serious try... so I'll stick with what I know. For now. (Until I can beat [ profile] tir_synni into giving me lessons or something.)

This is an original drabble I wrote this afternoon for my Poetry class. Last time we were in class, Doctor Hurd had everyone write down two secrets -- one that was true and one they made up -- and then read them all aloud. We had to pick one secret and write a page about it, simply so she can see how our creative juices like to flow. I chose one that went like this: When I was twelve and in the hospital, I was too embarrassed to ask for a bedpan so I snuck into the janitor's closet and peed in a bucket.

This is what I wrote.

Original Bathroom Humor: My Little Secret )

Thanks for reading. I apologize for the gross-out factor. *chu*
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I have finished everything Barb asked me to do today, thus leaving me with nothing to do. Books have been shelved. People have been called. Sections have been alphabetized. I have checked on the status of Oak's book (sadly, there was a problem in ordering it, so it's back on the wait list to be ordered next week. Sad). All in all, I've been productive today (hahaha).

Kyle (store Kyle, who used to work here) left cookies behind after her book group disbanded. She told me to help myself. I ate a cookie. It alleviated the growliness that is me at work. (Sort of.)

Michael (the owner) asked me to fix the computer in the back, which has been in safe mode for the past few months. There needs to be at least two people here while that's being done, however, so it looks like I'll be fiddling back there on Saturday, during the hour when Colleen (the boss) is going to be here with me. I'm not sure I can do it, really, but he told me he has faith in me and my abilities. That made me snarf my cookie. Nonetheless, I will be working on the computer in the back this coming Saturday. I'll probably look a few things up beforehand so I don't inadvertantly turn the store into a waste zone. (Oooh. Can I be fired for that?)

Anyway. There's half an hour until the mall closes and I'm out of tasks to perform. Since I refuse to dance in front of the store like the person in the cow costume is doing outside the ice cream shop (yes, I was confused, too), I think I'm done working for today. The store and the floor outside are pretty much dead. I'm bored. Thusly, I'll be writing...

Work Drabbles! -- one Gravi, one original )


Jul. 15th, 2005 12:43 am
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Ta da! I have two new samples of my writing (aren't you all so special?)!

First off we have Burning the Osenko, a Gravitation fic featuring Tatsuha. It's rated Teen (I think. This new rating system confuses me) and is a touch on the serious side. Please enjoy.

Secondly (and last), there's Remembering Her, an original drabble of 393 words that utilizes ten different themes: loneliness, sun, paint, flirting, admittance, rain, first dates, thunderstorms, first times, and chocolate. The idea came about during a conversation with [ profile] na_no_da_, who was writing ten drabbles with ten different themes for a contest (to which I foolishly replied "wouldn't it be more of a challenge to write one drabble using all ten themes?"), so she's to thank for it. The story is for readers thirteen and over.
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Some of you may remember me talking about the mystery story last week, the one I couldn't decide was what. Well, I've decided. It's an original story (that happens to be strangely similar to a certain Gravitation diva's life on some aspects). So there. And, since I'm a feedback whore, I've made myself an account over at FictionPress.Com and posted it. If you read it, please be gentle.

Piercings and Tattoos

Righto. That's all from me for now.


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