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If you're keeping up with 25 at 25, you know that so far this year I've accomplished next to nothing, because I am awesome like that. Apparently being awesome also includes never updating journals or Facebooks or whatever to let people know I am, in fact, alive.

So news flash, guys: I'm alive. Just not really doing anything worth talking about.

...okay, just so this entry isn't completely useless. THE FIRST TWO PEOPLE TO COMMENT WITH A PROMPT GET FIC never mind that I have two pending prompts still waiting for me. I WILL EVEN WRITE SMUT FOR A CHANGE, JUST BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT. GO!
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...I want to buy new clothes, but really should be saving the money for the house and stuff. Urgh. Stupid priorities. Ann Taylor LOFT, stop looking so damned appealing.

For those not in the know, I write a certain number of pages every day -- usually. I've been so busy lately, though, that I've fallen forty-six pages behind. So I desperately need to write, but, once again, have been struck with the block bug! So here's the deal: anyone to comment with a prompt gets a story, which I'll post here as a reply. Any fandom (provided I have some base familiarity with it; original stories are fine, too), any theme, any rating. This will continue all night, until I either run out of steam or catch up on my page count.

Ladies and gentlemen, prompt me. Prompt me like you've never prompted me before.

Edit: I realized I should probably keep a running page count. So far I have 58 pages out of 46 54 58 64 80 100 screw that noise.
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My desktop computer is working again, and I was right: the problem was the PSU. I tested it by swapping mine with one of the PSUs at my parents' place, and it worked fine. After I got all the necessary files off, I left the tower with them to use for parts, but my mother went on eBay and found a cheap PSU there. I purchased it and had it shipped to them, and they've confirmed that the computer totally works again. So that's cool, and it was a very, very cheap fix. Thank you, eBay!

I love the Star Trek movie. Have I said this already? I've totally said this already. Nonetheless, it bears repeating. I've seen it twice (both times more or less for free, because I'm a freeloader) and I kind of want to see it a third, but I don't, y'know, want to (a) spend money or (b) drive all the way to the theatre. It may very well become one of my Favorite Movies, up there with El Dorado and that other with the name I can't remember right now, but you know sort of what I mean, don't you? Of course you don't. Anyway. Hurry up and come out on DVD, Star Trek movie! I want you and your awesome, awesome Chris Pike and Karl Urban and Eric Bana (I love bad guys) and Anton Yelchin and Rachel Nichols (she looks good in green. Don't pretend she doesn't) and Zoe Saldana and Simon Pegg and Bruce Greenwood and etcetera etcetera. And Zachary Quinto too, I guess, even though I'm thoroughly ashamed of my Spock love (damn you for being so spot on, Zachary Quinto. Damn you).

Leonard Nimoy, eat your heart out. (...okay, that's a lie. I love Leonard Nimoy, too.)

I broke my video game-less streak yesterday, at long last. After I cleaned my kitchen and such, I had a burning need to slay monsters. Thusly, FFXII made its way back into my PS2 and we had a jolly time traipsing through the Golmore Jungle and dominating all of the little beasties. Then I ran into two of those super-rare beasties and dominated them, too, and felt very good about myself. Never mind that I used long Quickening chains to do it. Pretend that fact doesn't exist. Pretend I can beat beasties on my own merits and not on the heels of the SUPAH SPECIAL ATTACKS, as I am too terrified of being murdered by the super-rare beasties to try it without said SUPAH SPECIAL ATTACKS. So that was an hour well spent.

...could this livejournal post be any dorkier?


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