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Posting here is way better than finishing my (way, way, way overdue) page proofs. Just saying. Also, I figured I had better knock off a few things.

» My grandmother has been in and out of the hospital for the past few weeks due to a stroke she had the Saturday before I returned from California, and she's now in a hospital strictly for physical therapy. I visited her once, when she was in the first hospital, and am way overdue for seeing her again. I'm going tonight. It's about time. I'm such a loser.

» Gus is doing much better. His blood work came back inconclusive (in that "Everything looks just fine!" kind of way, which I find a little frustrating), so as long as he doesn't have another seizure I'm going to assume everything is business as usual. So far so good.

» Script Frenzy is coming up. AGH. I am so not prepared for this year, and somehow I wound up doing two. Which is not a big deal -- they're both going to be incredibly fun and interesting and the like -- but April is sneaking up on me (IT STARTS ON THURSDAY WHAT THE CRAP) and I feel very not ready. This will change. I've a lot of practice working on the fly.

» I bought opera tickets (Armida) yesterday for a show in May. Squee. I also bought tickets to the Orioles' opening day (April 9) and to the local production of Phantom of the Opera. I'm getting my culture (and... local sports team?) on. Between that and book club and the flute festival, it's going to be a busy couple of months. But it'll be super fun, so yay.

» I found the best lemon cake recipe. Next on my to-do list is finding a good gluten- and dairy-free cake recipe. It's totally necessary. (Why do so many of my friends have crazy allergies?) I'm about ready to break down and query [livejournal.com profile] bakebakebake, since they'll probably have way better ideas/suggestions. That, and they probably know what they're doing.

» The best piece of punctuation ever invented was the interrobang. No one will dare argue with this, I know.

I know there's something else, but can't for the life of me think of what it might be. So I'm going to end this post while I'm ahead. Ta!
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Today, I pwned Script Frenzy. On Friday, I'll validate it and won't have to worry about this headache until next year.

Booyah, baby.

I'd have finished earlier, but I had a period of several days where I just Didn't Feel Like Typing, so everything was handwritten and waiting to be added in but just... wasn't. Whatever. It's there now, and I'm done. Suck it.
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Lots of cuts in this entry, just so it won't be a million years long. Because I care.

Stuff about my car. )

Stuff about the coffee shop. )

Stuff about my script. )

Stuff about my other writing projects. )

Stuff about baking. )

Right, that's all from me. I promise to stop posting about nothing for now. Maybe I'll do some thinking and post a writing meme or something in my next entry (because that worked so well last time...).
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Script Frenzy begins in four hours. I'm so nervous. For serious. However, I think I've decided I'm going to write a comic script, if only because I've done that and I'll feel more comfortable with that medium than anything else. Plus, there's a better chance of it ever being something real and tangible (seriously. That would just require an artist. A movie script... That's something else entirely). So that's exciting.

In other news, the Orioles has their opening day today. They lost against the Rays, six to two, but it was a fun game anyway, even in spite of the loss, the rain, and the chill. I had a really good time, anyway, and got to catch up with Greg, who I haven't seen since before I graduated college, and hung out with a bunch of other cool people, too.

It was fantastic.
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Is anyone else taking part in Script Frenzy this April? It'll be my first year trying it, and I think I might need a support group. (I've never done scripts before, not really. It'll be a completely new thing for me, and I'm a little nervous.)

If you're taking part, feel free to buddy me here. Otherwise, please bite your nails along with me. Nomnomnom.

Artichokes, in other news, are delicious.


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