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I'm back from my grand Ireland/UK adventure! ...and back at work.

The lingering jet lag makes answering my emails twice as difficult, but at least everyone is willing to pester me with and for stories and I'm not completely embroiled in work yet. Good things!

Lots of little adventures during my two and a half weeks away. Highlights: got patted down by security (twice!), saw tons of sights I didn't see the last time I was there (and twice as many sheep), and discovered a new bad habit (Jameson and ginger ale? Yes please!). Lowlights: lots of rain (though nothing we couldn't handle), my cohort's luggage was sent to Tel Aviv instead of Dublin (she got it back before we left Dublin for Galway, but it was a close thing!), and I managed to break my shoes (and then subsequently superglue my fingers together -- oops).

Stories later? Perhaps. First I need to barrel through my threatening-to-explode-or-implode-I-really-don't-know-which email inbox. Sad face.
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I'm back from my Great American Solo Road Trip, and I had a great time. [livejournal.com profile] photoash, [livejournal.com profile] mortenavida... Thank you both for your hospitality. It wouldn't have been nearly as much fun without you guys!

Now that I'm back, it's difficult to get into the groove again. Work is going well, though; I buckled down this morning, and my massive email pile-up is considerably smaller five-plus hours later. The rest of my to-do list is not nearly as complete, sadly, and I'll spend the next few days catching up on things I let slide while I was on the SRT. Whatevs; it was worth it.

I stopped by my parents' house yesterday on the way home to (1) pick up my apartment keys and (2) give back their suitcase. They had me peruse through their silver and pick out the pieces I want before they melt the rest down or try selling it (it's been in storage in their basement for years, so I can understand that). I did, so they're setting those bits aside for me. Which is neat. Once I have places to put it all, I'll steal it away. All settled!

Anyway, while at my parents' house, my mother happened to mention that my brother was canceling our cell phone plan. This was news to me, and I was a teensy bit upset that the boy hadn't mentioned this to me even though my mother has known about it for months. Urgh. Long story short, my father let me go after him with my new meat cleaver (knife sets were mixed in with the silver, so I claimed one), he apologized (he'd thought he'd told me already, apparently), and promised to look into making mine a solo plan when he called to cancel, rather than canceling it and leaving me in the lurch. That's a good boy. So, anyway, I'm waiting on Verizon to get in touch with me about that, and that'll be fine. Whatevs. It'll be more expensive than what I was paying for before, but at least I won't be suddenly and inexplicably without a working phone.

Speaking of canceling things, [livejournal.com profile] kloos411 and I are totally going to cancel our cable subscription and going back to network. Our bill is ridiculous, and cutting that out of the equation will make a lot of difference. Besides, we almost never watch television -- this'll work out beautifully.

That done, here's something of a to-do list. I know how much you've all missed those...

Fire ze missiles! )

...silliest to-do list I've ever had. Ah, well.

Going solo.

Feb. 3rd, 2009 09:49 am
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Hi everybody! (Hi, Doctor Nick!)

I'm going on a solo road trip later this month to Florida via Durham, North Carolina. It's going to be... Cripes. It's going to be a fifteen hour trip each way, if I'm lucky with the roads (hahahahaha) and if I don't stop to get gas or eat or anything. So that's fun. Thankfully, my way-via-Durham means I get to split the trip into two parts -- five+ hours one day, then ten+ hours to get to Florida.

For the record, the five+ hour drive doesn't worry me too much. Ten+? That's a lot of time to be in a car by myself. So I turn to you all. Any tips? What's the best way to spend ten+ hours in a car by my lonesome -- and to ensure I stay lucid long enough that I don't (a) drive off the road or (b) crash into anyone else? I'm thinking lots of books-on-tape and CDs, but if you happen to have any other ideas, let me know. I'm up for it.

Anyway, those're my plans. Exciting, huh? I basically figured that if the stupid weather wouldn't give me snow up here (although it is snowing today, which is great), then I might as well be warm(er) down there for a few days. Plus, I get to see people. All in all, it made sense to me.

Buhwork. >_< I have to bust my ass this week and next so I have less to catch up on when I get back from the SRT. We'll see how that goes.


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