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Someone left free-for-all honey in our break room at work, which is fabulous because I love honey in my tea and zomg honey. It is also good because I think I'm coming down with my annual cold (I get maybe one or two a year, so I guess I can't really complain) and tea with honey totally makes that better. Because, um, zomg honey is magic.

I wish there was a honey produced under the brand 'zomg'. I would buy that and keep it in my purse for all sorts of nefarious deeds. But mostly to put in my tea.

(Moral of the story: I like honey.)

Today is Friday, and for me it is a half-day Friday -- in part because I have worked SO VERY HARD this month to-date and in part because my car just got summoned for a safety recall, so I'm taking it to the dealership to get that fixed up (apparently I need that part to, y'know, steer my car, and it would be a very bad thing if it broke). Darling coworker/friend A is accompanying me and helping me kill some time between when I drop off my car and when I pick it up, so I'm expecting a fabulous afternoon. And also a very busy weekend, because Sunday is pretty literally the last mostly-free day I have between now and November 28. You suck, schedule.

Speaking of time management, I haven't put up a to-do list in a while. So... I guess it's time to break that streak. Aren't you lucky?

This weekend, I will... )
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This is Otakon weekend, so everything everywhere outside my work building has exploded with convention-goers. Some coworkers and I ate lunch out just so we could sit around and watch people parade about in costumes. It was pretty fantabulous. Still, I'm glad I'm not going this year; it looked crazy crowded, and I'm not into that. That, and I can't remember the last time I actively pursued an anime or manga series of any kind. Hrm.


[livejournal.com profile] photoash is up here for Otakon, and is staying with me this weekend (she had a panel this afternoon -- I hope everyone attending the convention this year also stopped by the panel! I'm sure it was marvelous). It's been wonderful so far, and I'm so glad I get to see her again. She also occasionally looks over at me and tells me to write masturbatory fic, at which point I break into tears and have tiny mental breakdowns in the corner. (Note: this has not actually happened yet.) Whether or not I will actually submit to her demands is yet to be determined; if I do, I'm sure she will be the first to know. And all y'all will be right after her. (You feeling lucky, punks?) This entire post is proof that I shouldn't drink more than one cup of coffee a day.

I have a short to-do list for this weekend. Ready? I know you're ready. I can tell. Here goes:

[ ] Finish le fic for [livejournal.com profile] lady_absynthe.
[ ] Write a fic for [livejournal.com profile] photoash.
[x] Work on The Z-Word.
[ ] Edit a chapter of Aristeia.
[x] Read (and finish) the book club book.
[x] If you don't do it at work, bring your laptop home and finish logging. Also, compare new edition pictures to old edition pictures, because nothing says "It's the weekend!" like skin disease and sexually transmitted infections.
[x] Hang out with [livejournal.com profile] photoash. Yay!
[ ] And, I don't know, make cookies or something.

Edit: August 2, 2010: Jiminy Christmas, none of these things happened. Argh fail fail fail.
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I can't get my head together, so I'm tossing up a very short to-do list because this is all stuff I should accomplish after work today and, let's face it, that doesn't leave me a crap of a lot of time to get it all done.

[x] Change your shirt.
[x] Treat the shirt.
[x] Be careful not to drop red food on white shirts in the future.
[x] Call the mortgage company. Make sure they got the city tax bill, and that they are paying it.
[x] If yes, rejoice. If no, send the tax bill.
[x] Empty the dishwasher.
[x] Empty the dish drain.
[x] Friggin' clean the kitchen counter.
[x] Make a stupid pie.
[x] Put chicken or something in the fridge to defrost.
[x] Do that thing for the Wii.
[x] Charge the board.
[x] Charge the stupid phone.
[x] Make lunch for tomorrow.
[x] Unleash some mighty beta-fu.
[x] Do something about The Bag.
[x] Reserve that book from the library.
[x] Take a deep breath.
[x] Get your mail out of the fridge.
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I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, since I took the day off work and have nothing better to do with my morning. The last time this happened, it was after nearly six months of saying "I should get my hair cut" and then not doing it. True to form, this haircut is happening after six months of saying "I should get my hair cut" and then not doing it. I think, on average, I cut my hair about once a year. I should probably work on that.

On a side note, that was the summer all my jeans committed suicide. I started that summer with three pairs of jeans. The pictures in the link were the last ones taken of my favorite jeans ever, the inseam and knee of which ripped the day I moved from my apartment to my house. Then, just weeks later, both of my other pairs of jeans ripped at the knee. After that it was a mad scramble to find a new pair of jeans that I liked. Now I only own two pairs of jeans that don't have holes in them (I kept the suicidal pants for yard work; I really only need one pair, but whatever), which I guess is a testament to how little I actually wear jeans these days.

Speaking of my suicidal jeans, as of two days ago (June 29), I have been a homeowner for a year! That is very strange. It doesn't feel like it's been a year. I've done next to nothing in my house, aside from furnish it, put up like two pictures, and let my cats scratch up the floor (whoops). I have grand plans to paint this summer, but I don't know if it'll actually happen. That requires taking time off work, I think, and then buying paint and finding something to do with the cats (field trip to my mom's house?) and hoping the weather isn't too obnoxious so I can open my windows and not die of either fume inhalation or heat exhaustion.

When did I turn into such a frickin' grown up? Ugh.


It's a long weekend. I should do stuff. Here's the obligatory to-do list. )
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Apparently this checklist-for-the-week thing is a good idea. I accomplished all but one thing on last week's list, and, really, that's mostly because I wasn't on my computer much this weekend. So it's something I'm going to do again this week, and we'll see how it goes. This week, the deadline is Sunday, May 30.

This week, I will... )

Aaaaaaaand that's all for now. I'll probably add things throughout the week, as I figure out what still needs doing.

Unrelated, I got a little bit of my geek on this weekend. I had breakfast(brunch?) with A and we went to the comic book store, where she desperately sought out the boys from the Big Bang Theory (we did not see their east-coast equivalents, though, which is good because she'd probably have peed herself if we had), and then we watched X-files (which I'd never seen before, if you can believe that) and Star Trek II. Because nothing makes a Saturday quite like William Shatner's infamous "Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!".
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Operation DEBT (Dammit, Eat Better Things) is going fine. I slacked off a bit over the weekend, but overall I've been good about the fruits and the fruit juices and the fruit smoothies. I'm still awful about vegetables, but that's primarily because they're gross. I'm going to work on that.

Babeh Kitteh had a follow-up appointment with the vet last week to check his chem and blood levels (basically, to make sure he isn't getting too high a dose of his medicine) and everything came back normal. Normal kitteh is a (hopefully) healthy kitteh. He hasn't had any more seizures lately, but there's no way to tell if that's attributed to the phenobarbital or the timing. So far so good, although having to give him medicine twice a day every day is kind of lame for me. I'm really not liking the "Oh, sorry guys, I can't stay past ___ tonight. My cat gave me a curfew" thing. I mean, I own cats so I don't have to deal with this "have to be home to let the dog out/feed the birds/groom my howler monkey" stuff. And again, all that comes off as very selfish, I know, but still. Sigh.

Unrelated, there are a number of things I need to do but haven't done. This might be because of my lax attitude toward deadlines (whoops). So I'm going to set goals, with the first deadline being at the end of the week (Sunday, May 23). Will I accomplish everything? Probably not. But I'm damn well going to try.

This week, I will... )

And that's that, yo.
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The weather in Baltimore is absolutely gorgeous. And it's supposed to stay sunny and gorgeous through Wednesday night, at which point it's supposed to rain up a monsoon through Thursday or Friday. Luckily, I'll be in California by then. Stuck inside a hotel, yes, but still. Avoiding the rain. Yay!

The whole trip thing kind of snuck up on me, though, which means I've a lot to do today and tomorrow to prep. And you know what that means...

If you guessed 'to-do list!', you guessed right. )
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I go longer and longer without posting every time. I'm not sure if this is a personal failing or if I really just have nothing interesting to say anymore, and then I have to wonder what happened to all the things that either were or at least made me think my life was more interesting and get a little paranoid that I've gone completely boring and then I can't post because I'm insecure that no one will care and, really, the eljay is partially for me but let's face it, other people read it so it's really partially for you as well, and what's the point if no one even cares?

And that's why I don't post. Or is it?

It's almost March! Can you believe that? I'm sure you can. You all probably deal much better with the months drifting by than I do. But it's still a bad, bad thing, ladies and gents, because many aspects of publishing go on a month-to-month thing, and that means the end of the month is a mad scramble to keep everything on time. On the other hand, it means we're one month closer to much more interesting things like, say, being able to sit outside and knit without freezing my bejeezus ass off, and that's all well and good. So yes.

I'm being a total slacker on the writing front lately, and that's got to really stop. Not only do I owe, like, a trillion drabbles to various people, but that Super Epic Everybody Does Tragic Fic I keep promising myself I'll do isn't being done. And that's no good.

Thus, even though it's a day early, I'm posting a to-do list. Because sometimes they work, and sometimes they keep me just a little more honest. And I could use a little more honesty, really.

Thursday's Tasks )

Friday's Foibles )

Saturday's Scramble )

Sunday's Siesta )

And that's that.

I do stuff.

Feb. 5th, 2010 10:33 am
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We're supposed to get a crapload of snow today and tomorrow, and pretty much everybody in the general area is freaking out over it. I remain skeptical. The upside is that it means I'm leaving work early. On the other hand, I'm not looking forward to potentially having to dig out my car or anything. The flute choir's Saturday gig was canceled, too, so I now have a completely free Saturday. Which I'm okay with.

Still not sure about Sunday.

I somehow wandered back onto eBay this week, and have bought three things since Monday, including a Wii (hello, my return to not-so-casual gaming!), which I won yesterday. No shipping information for that, so I am pouting and complaining that I won't have it before this SUPER HUGE OMG SNOWSTORM everyone is positive we're getting, and I'm sure driving everyone I know crazy in the process. Not that I need anything else to distract me. Ohnoes.

Speaking of distractions, my attempts at daily to-do lists continue to fail. Thus, I'm going back to my LJ weekend to-do list, so you guys can keep me honest. Or at least try to keep me honest. (Good luck!)

This weekend, I will... )
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I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that this is the last week of the year. Are you surprised? I was surprised. It's very surprising. Don't you think so? Also surprising, I only have two work days left before the end of 2009 -- Monday and Tuesday. It's amazing. Were you amazed? I was amazed. So that's fun.

And since tomorrow is the last Sunday of the year, I should get a few things done, don't you think? Not too many things, mind you, because it's Sunday and, really, I don't want to over-extend myself (as I altogether too often do). But nonetheless, things must be done.

These are those things. )

And phaw. Can I do it? Maybe. Maybe not. I have no idea. And, as always, the plans are subject to change -- especially depending on what I decide to do with the week. My mother is trying to convince me to hang out at the house for the week, but commuting from here to work sounds like a pain in the butt (as much as I love hanging out with the family). Really, she just wants more time to play with the kittens, and I can't blame her for that.

Yes. Well. I hope everyone has had a good Chrismanukkahsticezaa. I did.
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So my birthday was awesome. There was food and zombies and wine and other various things, so it's all wonderful. I have lots of new kitchen gadgets to play with. Squee~ ♥

Also, it's Friday, and you guys know what that means...

To-do on Friday... )

To-Do on Saturday... )

To-Do on Sunday... )
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First of all, please don't forget to fill out the holiday card poll. I would love to send you a card~!

It's nearly the weekend! Are you shocked? You shouldn't be. It's just a weekend, after all. There's nothing very special about that. Except, of course, it means getting (a little) more sleep and (perhaps) cuddling the crap out of kittens and (hopefully) kicking ass at a video game or two and (maybe) attending the Baltimore Christmas Parade, if the weather holds up. But that's just me.

Anyway, it's the end of the week. That, of course, means it's time for a to-do list. I know you missed these, but for my own sake (I want this to be a relaxing weekend! That, and I haven't cemented my plans yet) it's going to be a short list. I know, I know. But remember, there's always next time!

[x] cuddle the kittehs like whoa
[x] play a video game
[x] catch up on sleep
[x] buy boys' gifts
[x] look for a gift for Grandmom
[x] make a vet appointment
[x] get together with [livejournal.com profile] whimper?
[x] Baltimore Christmas Parade
[x] wrap Yankee Swap gift
[x] look up holiday recipes
[x] sweep the floors
[x] do laundry
[x] read
[x] knit the babeh hat
[x] play more video games
[x] flute choir rehearsal
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I forgot to take out the trash last night, for what is now the third week in a row. It's a good thing I live by myself and all the trash fits in that one can. Still, next week I can't forget. Because that would be a loserly thing to do.

It's Turkey week! Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday, so much so that my family has two of them every year. Well, sort of. The immediate family (my parents and brothers and grandmother and I) have a smaller Thanksgiving the day of (usually consisting of ham or some such) and then the extended family (i.e., my father's entire family. He's the youngest of eight, so it's pretty substantial) has another one (with Turkey) on Saturday. This year, the smaller of the two (Thursday) is going to be at my house. This will be... interesting. I'm not sure where everyone is going to sit.

It also means I've got lots to do today to get ready. So, that in mind, have a to-do list. Really. I insist.

My lists get progressively more ridiculous. )
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Last night I dreamed I was watching Dancing with the Stars with my mother. Donny Osmond didn't do so well, so she called him up to reassure him that she still loved him and he didn't have anything to worry about because Aaron Carter was totally going to get voted off the island (direct quote) before him. I think this means that the season really needs to end. Or that I should stop talking about DwtS with my mother.

The kittens have their first vet visit tomorrow. They're excited, in that way that means they really don't know they have a vet visit or what a vet is or why they should (or should not) be excited. They also have decided it's more fun to push their water dish all along my kitchen floor (spilling water everywhere) than it is to just drink the water. That's mildly irritating, but workable.

Vet visit aside, it's going to be one of those weekends. You know. The weekends where I'm desperate for a little downtime. And because it's one of those weekends, I'm making a snapshot to-do list.

Because I can.

Oh, the things I'll do on Friday... )

Oh, the places I'll go on Saturday... )

Oh, the crap I'll get away with on Sunday... )
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Yeah yeah, the to-do lists are back. Live with it. ^_~

[x] work work
[x] list next week as PTO
[x] lunch lunch
[x] holycrap reviews
[x] holycrap formatting
[x] holycrap art log
[x] go home
[x] check the mail
[x] feed the beasts
[x] snuggle the beasts
[x] drink some water
[x] read Pride & Prejudice & Zombies
[x] make some dinner, yo
[x] work on the House prompt I started
[x] ...speaking of, make sure House is set to record
[x] watch Dancing with the Stars
[x] call Mom; discuss Donny Osmond
[x] vote for Donny so Mom doesn't kill me in my sleep
[x] make cookies
[x] watch Big Bang Theory (just got into this show. Does anyone else love it as much as I do?)
[x] balance le checkbooks
[x] decide what to do with le kittens overnight
[x] leave that eBay review
[x] sleep sleep

In other news. I spent the weekend with my parents, as advertised, and the kittens had a wonderful time. My mother's cat, not so much, but it was fun. Upon arriving home yesterday, I gave the kittens run of the downstairs (instead of just the basement) while I was at flute choir and, since they were so good for those four hours, overnight as well. I'm happy to report that there were no accidents and nothing was destroyed, so they will likely get to keep that privilege another night. They're still restricted to the basement while I'm at work (because that's a long time for them to be running around alone), but we're getting there. They were also allowed to come upstairs with me last night (for about ten minutes) and this morning (for about fifteen minutes) while I was putting laundry away and doing general upstairs-chores. One step at a time.

Next week I'll be running off to Michigan with my mother, intent on seeing my aunt (and getting a little bit of road trip in while we're at it). We have plans to spend time in Cleveland, Altoona, Mackinac Island, and a few other places, and that'll be an interesting time. I'm looking forward to the vacation.

Coffee is delicious.

That is all.
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I'm making a to-do list. That's right. It's six o'clock on a Sunday, and I'm making a to-do list. So there. And I'm not allowed back on the interwebs until these things are finished, got it? Got it. So here goes.

[x] watch the kittens be stupid
[x] spoil the kittens
[x] lock the kittens in the basement :(
[x] go to flute choir
[x] rock the boat
[x] talk to Anna
[x] un-rock the boat
[x] go home
[x] put flute stuff away
[x] check on the kittens
[x] make cookies like whoa
[x] make something for tomorrow's lunch
[x] play with the kittens
[x] get back on the interwebs

Can we do it? Yes we can!
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Things need to get done tomorrow. So, yes, it's early, but, well, it needs to happen. So here's a to-do list -- just for Thursday! I'm not even bothering with a cut, since it's only for a day (and I expect it won't be too terribly long).

[x] Okay, the alarm has gone off, like, six times. Get up.
[x] Get ready for work.
[x] Meet the carpool and get your butt to work.
[x] Start on the review stuff. It has to get done.
[x] Publishing Committee at ten! Can't be late!
[x] Market Research meeting at noon! Same room, though. That's nice.
[x] Free lunch! Wooo!
[x] I seriously don't remember what's on my task list. But do it.
[x] And set up the EA desk, too.
[x] Check in with Accounting.
[x] ...do more of that stuff I can't remember right now.
[x] Work work work.
[x] Aaaand work work work...
[x] Three o'clock? Great. Tea break!
[x] Yum. Now, back to work!
[x] Five o'clock means it's time to go home! Remind JP that it's Parent Night.
[x] Go home.
[x] Have a drink.
[x] Have another drink.
[x] Grab some groceries.
[x] How's the weather? Open a window or two.
[x] All set? All set. Turn on the computer.
[x] Send Thing-1 that stuff I promised, like, last week.
[x] Done that? Good. Disable the internet connection.
[x] ...and write a goddamn couple thousand words! We're way behind!
[ ] Seriously, hit at least 5,000.
[x] Got it? Great. Take a break.
[x] Had a breather? Make some dinner.
[ ] Back to work. Let's hit 9,000.
[x] That done? Okay. Time for another breather. Let's practice the clarinet.
[x] I know, I know, I don't want to either, but I promised.
[x] Done? Done. Clean up about the house.
[ ] ...aaaaaaand back to work! Maybe hit 12,000? Seriously. We're supposed to be over 16,000.
[ ] This is pathetic.

[x] Still, I think that's enough for tonight. Turn the interwebs back on.
[x] Chillax. Maybe work intermittently on that story you promised [livejournal.com profile] mortenavida.
[x] Wile away the hours. You bum.
[x] Once that's done... Well, let's call it a night. Good night!

Ladies? Gentlemen? I need to hit at least 10,000 words tomorrow. Minimum. If you see me online after five o'clock and the word counter below doesn't say I've hit 10k, yell at me.

I mean it.
Today's Goal:

PreNoWriMo Total:
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My head is falling apart, and it's only Wednesday! You know what this means, of course. It means I need a crazy-wicked to-do list. Even if it is only Wednesday. (Poor brain.) So, yes. Here is my get-my-head-together list for today and tomorrow. It'll be fun.

Wednesday! )

Thursday! )

Also, Happy Women's Equality Day!
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It's a day early, but I want to get the to-do list out of the way so I can (a) get my head together and (b) not worry about it anymore. So that's something.

Also, I just noticed the new "Detect" feature for the LJ location. That's kind of cool, except it seems to think I'm in Philadelphia. I am so very much not in Philadelphia. (I wonder if that's because my company's main office is in Philadelphia? Is that it? Whatever. It's still weird.)

Thursday's List )

Friday's List )

Saturday's List )

Sunday's List )

And those are my weekend plans, though I reserve the right to add things as they come up. Y'know, as they do.


Jul. 31st, 2009 09:38 am
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Today is Friday, and I just opened a brand new bank account, and will be closing my old accounts over the course of the next few weeks. Can we say "Yay, simplified banking"? Yes we can.

Today is Friday, and my house now has internet, television, and phone service. Can we say "Things are getting back to normal"? Yes we can.

Today is Friday, and I have grand plans this weekend to see two lovely ladies who I do not get to see nearly often enough. Can we say "This is going to be an awesome weekend!"? Yes we can.

Today is Friday, and I'm getting an alarm system installed. Can we say "Increased resale value"? Yes we can.

Today is Friday, and I just mailed in my first mortgage payment. Can we say "Super exciting but also super scary and is my bank balance ever going to forgive me for this incredibly huge and far-too-adult-for-me purchase"? Oh, yes. We can.

This Friday, I will... )

On Saturday, I will... )

On Sunday, I will... )


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